• Romain-Jerome builds a Batman watch that tells you your time is up, bat

    Romain-Jerome builds a Batman watch that tells you your time is up, bat

    Watchmaker Romain-Jerome has announced a new Batman-themed watch that looks like something Bruce Wayne would wear to the club. The watch, which is based on R-J’s Skylab design, features a meticulous reproduction of a map of Gotham City cut into the rear sapphire glass and a glowing Bat Signal that lights up in the dark and/or in times of danger. R-J is famous for making high-end watches… Read More

  • Holy Strategic Partnerships, Batman! A Brief History Of Nokia’s Batman Obsession

    Holy Strategic Partnerships, Batman! A Brief History Of Nokia’s Batman Obsession

    The Nokia Lumia 900 The Dark Knight Rises Edition handset has made its way on the interwebs recently and it’s nothing short of a beauty, with a black polycarbonate unibody frame and a laser-etched Batman logo across the back. Moreover, the phone — which is usually limited to either a black or white background and a handful of color themes like Nokia blue, teal, lime, mango, and… Read More

  • First Dark Knight Rises Trailer Hits The Web

    First Dark Knight Rises Trailer Hits The Web

    Warner Bros. Pictures just released the first trailer for the The Dark Night Rises on the movie’s official Facebook page. The highly anticipated new Batman movie will be released in the US on July 20, 2012 (the picture shows the first poster that was made public a few days ago). Read More

  • Meet Bruce Wayne's Latest Ride: The Lamborghini Aventador

    Gotham’s most eligible bachelor needs a good set of wheels. Circa The Dark Knight, he drove a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 but that raging bull has since hit the wide open spaces of the retirement pasture. Mr. Wayne’s latest ride is apparently the very new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700. This news comes by way of some pics taken on the scene of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises that… Read More

  • Mimoco's Latest Puts Your Data On DC Comic Classics

    Batman x MIMOBOT is here! from MIMOBOT & mimoZine on Vimeo. Mimoco’s Mimobot flash drives are a staple in the novelty flash drive market. Who doesn’t want one the awesome Star Wars drives? Now the eternal battle between good and evil can wage on your desk with the Batman flash drive series. The collection includes , The Caped Crusader, Boy Wonder, Catwoman, and of course… Read More

  • Anne Hathaway Is Your New Catwoman In ‘Dark Knight Rises’

    Some very important Batman news for your Wednesday afternoon. It seems that Anne Hathaway, who showed actual acting chops in Rachel Getting Married, will play Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Tom Hardy, one of the actors in director Kevin Nolan’s non-Batman movie, Inception, will also be in the movie, playing the role of Bane. And here I thought Bane was… Read More

  • Next Batman Movie's Lack Of 3D & ESPN 3D Doubt Signs Of A Struggling Technology?

    Is 3D already in trouble? Quite possibly, and there’s a few data points to back up that claim. As you know, Christopher Nolan has announced a few things pertaining to the next Batman movie, namely its name (the Dark Knight Rises), that The Riddler won’t be in it (much to fans’ chagrin), and that it won’t be filmed in 3D. I’m pretty sure the previous Batman movie… Read More

  • Next Nolan Batman Movie To Be Called ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Fans Upset At Riddler Snub

    Batman fans reacted with anger on Thursday upon learning that director Christopher Nolan has ruled out using The Riddle in the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises. The movie, the third Batman under Nolan and currently scheduled to be released on July 20, 2012, will instead “introduce some new [characters]” as well as use some of the existing ones. Read More

  • Comic Book Movie Rumor Round-up: Killer Croc in Batman 3, Spielberg To Direct Halo?

    Comic-con starts today (I’ll be there tomorrow~!), so that means we’ll be seeing a bunch of comic book-related movie news coming at us in the next few hours. There’s already a few tasty bits of information out there. Like, will Killer Croc be the primary antagonist in the upcoming Batman movie? (The movie is set to be filmed in and around New Orleans.) Incidentally, Cros… Read More

  • Speaking Of . . . Batman. It Was "Built On My Bloody Knuckles" (TCTV)

    This week’s episode of Speaking Of… is with the originator of the modern Batman movies and creator of the Batman franchise, Michael Uslan. Michael Uslan’s story is the typical story of success. From the outside, it seems like an obvious win, but from the inside there was a long and painful struggle to get to the other side. It took Michael 10 years of pitching a dark and… Read More

  • The Riddler will be the villain in Batman 3 movie

    Some Batman news, if only because Batman is the best comic book superhero of all time. I will debate this all day if need be, Lord knows I have nothing else going on in my life. The news this morning is that the next Batman movie, tentatively called Batman 3 (but you know the final name will be something like Batman: Vengeance), will feature The Riddler as the main villain. Read More

  • Here's a porn parody of the classic Batman TV series — really

    Yup, this is a trailer for Batman XXX: A Porn Parady. It’s awesome and since it’s totally SFW, you should watch it just for the lulz over the fact that the movie actually exists. (via BoingBoing) Read More

  • Is Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie fated to be terrible?

    Yes, there will be another Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie. This should be good news since the first two movies were good, certainly watchable. But what about this scary prediction: the movie will be garbage, and there’s ample evidence to support this. Read More

  • Sure, why not buy a Go Kart version of Batman's Tumbler?

    Listening to Ron and Fez right now, neither Fez nor East Side Dave were about to identify the Tumbler, the Batmobile from Batman Begins. Tsk-tsk. No matter, because you, too, can own a Go Kart replica of the vehicle in question. Read More

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum demo due out this Friday

    Two weeks ahead of its worldwide launch, a demo of Eidos and WBIE’s Batman: Arkham Asylum will make its way to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this Friday. Look for the full-fledged title on August 28 worldwide. Hit the jump for the latest trailer and details on the demo. Read More

  • Latest dev diary for Batman: Arkham Asylum

    So, how messed up are the souls residing in Arkham Asylum? Check out the latest developer diary from the chaps at Rocksteady Studios. Paul Dini also talks about the storyline for this upcoming Eidos/WB title. I played a bit of it at E3 and it’s pretty damn fun. Can’t wait for it to drop on August 25th. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: LEGO Batman (Wii) for $20

    Normally going for around $40 elsewhere, Amazon has the Wii version of LEGO Batman for just $20. It’s priced at $20 on all the other consoles, too, if you want a version other than the Wii version. Read More

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum delayed until the end of summer '09

    I’m a sad clown now. Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment can today confirm that Batman: Arkham Asylum will be released at the end of summer 2009. This additional time will allow us to ensure Batman: Arkham Asylum is of the highest quality for gamers. Read More

  • PlayStation 3 to get exclusive Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC

    Assuming you own both the Xbox 360 and PS3 and you’ve been wondering which console you’re going to pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum for then know that Sony’s console has the exclusive on a playable Joker. He’ll be released via the PSN Store and can be played in Challenge Maps. Further details can be found in the June issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine. Read More

  • Harley Quinn trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum

    As a Batman super fan I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the development of Batman: Arkham Asylum since it first leaked out last July. I like the direction that Batman has taken across his various media incarnations as of late. He’s a dark character with a dark past and the villains around him should be just as, if not, darker. Late last night, GameTrailer got the scoop on the… Read More

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