Bane to appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum

<img src="" alt="" />Besides the Joker, the Dark Knight will be tormented by the 'roid raging Bane in the upcoming Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Collector’s Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum gets official

<img src="" alt="" />Eidos and Warner Bros have just officially announced the CE of BAA and it's a tad different than what Gamestop has on

Video: Over six minutes of Batman: Arkham Asylum gameplay

<img src="" alt="" />In case you haven't seen it. Sefton Hill, Game Director at Rocksteady, gives a thorough play-by-

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition detailed, again

About three weeks ago, Gamestop detailed the contents of the Collector’s Edition Batman: Arkham Asylum, but it was quickly pulled down and the mention of a Batarang was forever seared into my memory

Batman full-zip hoodie with eye holes

<img src="">Ah, finally the perfect sweatshirt for walking the streets at night. The $75 “Batman Full Image Full Zip-Up!

Third (hopefully) Nolan directed Batman to hit theaters in 2011, says executive producer

<img src="" alt="" /><i>Batman Begins</i> and <i>The Dark Knight's</i> executive producer Michael Uslan has just signed on for the next i

"The Dark Knight" returns to theaters

<img src="" alt="" />Just a heads up to the folks out in the crowd that "The Dark Knight" is

If they made a ‘Dark Knight’ NES game…

<img src="">…the opening sequence might look something like the above video. It’s been on YouTube for almost four months now, but you know what they s

Shock: Batman: Arkham Asylum will actually be good

Continuing with the Batman-related good news, it looks like the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Asylum will actually be, dare I say, good. That a game based on a license doesn’t lick the bottom of

The Dark Knight is the fastest selling Blu-ray disc in history

As if there were any doubts, The Dark Knight is now the fastest selling Blu-ray disc in history. Warner Bros. sold some 600,000 copies of the movie on its first day of availability (Tuesday, Dec. 9),

The Dark Knight on its way to being most pirated movie ever

CNET is reporting that the sun will rise tomorrow. That is, they’re reporting, citing TorrentFreak’s data, that The Dark Knight is well on its way to becoming the most pirated movie of all

DIY: Batman mask out of duct tape

A wise man once said that anything could be fixed with a roll of duct tape and 6-pack of beer. Well, I added the last part but the first thing about the duct tape is more than true. In fact, duct tape

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Limited Edition 2-disc set comes with a Bat Pod

The regular Blu-ray edition of The Dark Knight is selling for $25 while the LE is fetching a hefty $65, but it does get you that badass Bat Pod. TheHDRoom via Giz

The Boy Wonder getting his own CW series, "The Graysons"

Variety is reporting that Dick Grayson aka Robin will soon land on the CW in the same vein as “Smallville” with most of the producers from the Superman show and McG on board. A pilot has b

"Dark Knight" hitting IMAX again in January

Warner Bros. have their eyes set on swooping up some Oscars this year with the “Dark Knight”, so they’ve announced that Christopher Nolan’s epic sequel in the Dark Knight serie

Johnny Depp confirms that he's not the Riddler, Guy Pearce says he's interested

That’s not to say he won’t be cast in the role, but here’s to hoping they haven’t locked him down, which means David Tennant still has a chance and Guy Pearce as the Riddler se

Another LEGO Batman character revealed!

We have been following LEGO Batman closely and Warner just revealed to us the latest character. Alfred Pennyworth is joining Batman as a skilled sidekick. Kind of looks like Oddjob though… Scree

Move over Halle Barry, here comes…Cher? [Update]

That’s right. Christopher Nolan wants 62-year-old Cher to play Catwoman in “The Caped Crusader”, which begins filming in Vancouver next year. I really wish they would recast for the Riddler. I l

BREAKING: Next Dark Knight villians revealed

Psych! These are just renderings from Aussie artist Josh McMahon, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they were real? Not a big fan of seeing another Catwoman anytime soon, but I’m down with Har

Yet another Batman LEGO character emerges from the shadows

Batgirl (!!!) is going to be around to help Batman and Robin catch all the baddies in Batman LEGO.  Powers and Abilities: In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Batgirl has the ability to utilize Batman’s
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