A call to arms: Reboot the public bathroom

<img src="" />Ladies and gentlemen, I am not a loquacious orator. I've never written an impassioned speech. I'm just a part-t

Japanese company sells retarded Godzilla gadget for bathroom use

<img src="" /> You can see that a given nation, in this case the country of Japan, has an over-saturated market for gadge

Hide your drugs in this high tech medicine cabinet

<img src="" />Designer Robern created what has to be the coolest medicine cabinet I've ever seen. Concealing all of your personal item

New hybrid Panasonic fluorescent bulb gets bright – fast

Some non-iPhone-related news for you! If you’ve ever used fluorescent bulbs, you know that they take a while to reach full brightness. This can be a bad thing in certain situations, like bathroo

Loo Read Bathroom Table: Go Ahead, Write a Book While You're in There

People who read while in the bathroom should be made to take a long walk off a short pier. I realize my opinions are controversial, but I apologize to no one, especially to Loo Read users. It’s

My Bathroom Is Now Complete

Y’know, nothing makes me more mad in the morning than having to turn on my music BEFORE I get in the bathtub. Then, when I’m in the tub, I can’t surf the web. Which is simply bonkers