Japanese company sells retarded Godzilla gadget for bathroom use


You can see that a given nation, in this case the country of Japan, has an over-saturated market for gadgets if one these things actually goes on sale: A godzilla figure [JP] that you hang on your bathroom wall, that can be shot at with a water pistol and that then reacts by making noises such as “Gyao! Gyao”.

The Godzilla figure included in the so-called Ofuro de Taiketsu Kaiju Hantaa! (“Showdown in the Bathroom – Monster Hunter!”) set features three red LED lights that start blinking when you hit it, a mini speaker and two water sensors you need to hit in order to hurt Godzilla.


And there is actually a “game” built into the thing. You need to make all three red lights blink at once in a given time to win. Sounds exciting.


The bathroom Godzilla costs $14 in Japan and hits stores over here this month. Ask Japan Trend Shop, Gizmine, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya to get one for you, in case you are interested in getting one shipped outside Nippon.