My Bathroom Is Now Complete

Y’know, nothing makes me more mad in the morning than having to turn on my music BEFORE I get in the bathtub. Then, when I’m in the tub, I can’t surf the web. Which is simply bonkers. Thank God Keuco and Visiomatic have teamed up to bring me the visiPad. Its touchscreen is splashproof, which is perfect. It not only surfs the web and plays my music, but it also plays DVDs, SMS messages, radio and TV. It even has a handy clock in the corner there. Oh man, and it comes in a range of sizes from 10″to 37″. Gosh — and a remote?! I’ll never feel like I’m wasting time in the bathroom again

Keuco visiPad by Visiomatic multimedia system – the bathroom Supper-multimedia [TrendDir via Born Rich]