• Viber Adds Support For S40, Symbian And Bada After Hitting 100M Users

    Viber Adds Support For S40, Symbian And Bada After Hitting 100M Users

    Viber has essentially been a smash hit right from its conception. The company hit 50 million registered users in February of last year, extending that to 70 million by May. But today marks one of the company’s greatest milestones: Viber has just surpassed 100 million registered users. To celebrate, and continue to fuel that momentum, Viber is releasing new features and various… Read More

  • Samsung Not Sold On The Bada-Tizen Merger Just Yet

    Samsung Not Sold On The Bada-Tizen Merger Just Yet

    I’ve long wondered what exactly Samsung would do with their homegrown Bada operating system, and for a little while there the answer seemed clear — Samsung SVP Tae-jin Kang recently noted that Bada would be merged with the Intel-backed Tizen OS project. In fact, he said at CES that the work to combine both platforms had already begun, which seemed like a pretty definitive… Read More

  • Samsung To Make Bada OS Open Source And Part Of Your Smart TV?

    Samsung To Make Bada OS Open Source And Part Of Your Smart TV?

    A new report today suggests that instead of snatching up a mobile operating system whose future is uncertain at best, Samsung hopes to help grow their Bada OS by making it open-source within the next year. Taking a page out of Google’s book, Samsung is looking at the open-source paradigm as a way to drum up developer support for Bada. Their ideal end result? A more compelling… Read More

  • Samsung Quietly Continues To Conquer The World

    Samsung Quietly Continues To Conquer The World

    Is there anything Samsung doesn’t do? The same week I bought myself a shiny new Galaxy S II, they launched a solar-powered netbook for use in the developing world. Unlike any American or European company, Samsung Electronics manufactures smartphones and their memory chips, TVs and their screens, computers and their hard drives. They’re the only entity that’s both arms dealer… Read More

  • Anything Apple can do… Samsung's European app store reaches 10m downloads in year one

    Anything Apple can do… OK not quite. Nonetheless, Samsung is feeling pretty pleased with itself, announcing that its own app store – Samsung Apps – has seen 10 million downloads in Europe since its launch in September 2009. Initially available in a limited number of European (and Asian countries), including the UK, France, Germany and Italy, the handset maker’s app… Read More

  • Samsung makes the Wave with Bada official

    After being teased with a washed out banner image, leaked images on the Internet and stealthy screen shots of its gorgeous AMOLED screen, the Samsung S8500, or Wave, has finally become official. Read More

  • Samsung's new CMOS, HD-capable sensors could be picture perfect

    Camera phone pictures could get a whole lot prettier with Samsung’s newest image sensors. The Korean manufacturer has just announced two new CMOS sensors for mobile phones with improved image quality over greater depth of field ranges and HD video. Does it sound a little too good to be true? Read More

  • Samsung Bada screenshots hit the web, but what's with the Series 60 font?

    Hey, good on Samsung for trying to make their own OS. I’m sure it will be wonderful for them. It saves them from having to, I don’t know, use Android? But what’s with all the Nokia Series 60 font usage in the UI? These screenshots, which are floating around right now, show some of the UI elements of the new OS, Bada. The font they’re using is approximately (or… Read More

  • Samsung to unveil Bada on December 8th in London

    I’m still a big bag of mixed reactions when it comes to Samsung’s new mobile OS, Bada. On one hand, Samsung has always proven themselves to be pretty bad at the software side of things (Need proof? See the hot mess that is the Samsung Behold II). On the other, that’s nothing that a bit of man-power and money can’t fix, both of which Samsung has plenty of. We’ll… Read More

  • Samsung announces its own 'open' mobile platform – bada

    As Sesame Street is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary now seems like as good a time as any for us to practice our counting…of mobile operating systems/platforms. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Darn, my hand ran out of fingers! Well, no matter, Samsung thinks there is plenty of room for more and has taken the wraps off its own, new open mobile platform, bada. Read More