Viber Adds Support For S40, Symbian And Bada After Hitting 100M Users

<a target="_blank" href="">Viber</a> has essentially been a smash hit right from its conception. The company hit <a href="https://tec

Samsung Not Sold On The Bada-Tizen Merger Just Yet

I've long wondered what exactly Samsung would do with their homegrown Bada operating system, and for a little while there the answer seemed clear -- Samsung SVP Tae-jin Kang recently noted that Bada w

Samsung To Make Bada OS Open Source And Part Of Your Smart TV?

A new report today suggests that instead of snatching up a mobile operating system whose <a href="">future</a> is <a hre

Samsung Quietly Continues To Conquer The World

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Anything Apple can do… Samsung's European app store reaches 10m downloads in year one

<img src="" alt="" title="Picture 26" width="217" height="62" class="shot" />Anything Apple can do... OK not quite. Nonetheless, Samsung

Samsung makes the Wave with Bada official

<img src="" /> After being teased with a <a href="

Samsung's new CMOS, HD-capable sensors could be picture perfect

Camera phone pictures could get a whole lot prettier with Samsung’s newest image sensors. The Korean manufacturer has just announced two new CMOS sensors for mobile phones with improved image qu

Samsung Bada screenshots hit the web, but what's with the Series 60 font?

Hey, good on Samsung for trying to make their own OS. I’m sure it will be wonderful for them. It saves them from having to, I don’t know, use Android? But what’s with all the Nokia S

Samsung to unveil Bada on December 8th in London

I’m still a big bag of mixed reactions when it comes to Samsung’s new mobile OS, Bada. On one hand, Samsung has always proven themselves to be pretty bad at the software side of things (Ne

Samsung announces its own 'open' mobile platform – bada

As Sesame Street is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary now seems like as good a time as any for us to practice our counting…of mobile operating systems/platforms. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Darn, my