Money transfer startup Azimo now lets you send money to a phone number

Azimo, the U.K. money transfer startup backed by Rakuten, is rolling out a neat new feature that makes it a lot easier to send money through the app and should add additional network effects to help t

Brexit one month on: currency lows and talent fear

How are UK startups coping with the unraveling of the old world order? In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, TechCrunch spoke to several founders who expressed shock, disappointment and conce

Remittance startup Azimo raises $15M from Viber owner, e-commerce giant Rakuten

Azimo was once in talks to be acquired by WhatsApp and Messenger owner Facebook. And while may not have gone anywhere, today it is announcing funding from another big tech company in possession

Families Get Screwed Sending Dollars To Mexico. TransferWise Does It 4X Cheaper

Money transfers are a crooked racket. They’re designed to hide just how much cash they steal from immigrant workers sending funds to family back home. Western Union, Moneygram, even PayPal&#8217

Money Transfer Startup Azimo Raises $20M At A $100M Valuation

Azimo, a mobile money transfer startup out of London that was once feted by Facebook, is jumping into the funding ring with a $20 million raise. CEO and co-founder Michael Kent says the company wil

Azimo Raises $10M Series A Led By Greycroft Partners To Expand Money Transfer Service

More evidence that the online money transfer space is heating up significantly, as startups aim to disrupt the banks and incumbents such as Western Union. Money transfer startup <a target="_blank" hre

As Europe’s Online Money Transfer Market Heats Up, UK’s Azimo Expands To Germany And Ireland

Following a <a href="">$1 million seed round</a>, UK money transfer startup <a target="_blank" href="">Azimo</a> has made good o

Azimo Raises $1M Seed Funding To Take Its Money Transfer Service To Europe

It seems there's still money to be made in money transfers. <a target="_blank" href="">Azimo</a>, the UK-based social money transfer service that competes with legacy players Wes

Social Money Transfer Service Azimo Adds Facebook Integration To Squeeze Western Union

<a target="_blank" href="">Azimo</a>, the UK-based social money transfer service aiming to disrupt an industry dominated by legacy players Western Union and Moneygram, is rolling o