Mimi turns up the volume on its hearing well-being platform

TechCrunch Battlefield (NYC 2014) finalists Mimi Hearing Technologies just closed its $25 million Series B funding to continue whispering its mission of hearing well-being from the rooftops. The compa

Enflux, a smart body-tracking workout outfit, launches on Kickstarter

There’s a new body-tracking workout outfit that looks to compete with the likes of Athos and other workout-tracking sensors that’s launching on Kickstarter today. Enflux, a Y Combinator-ba

Athos Pushes Up To $51 Million In The Bank With Funding From Chamath Palhapitaya’s Social+Capital

Wearable clothing may sound like a redundancy, but it's a real thing and it's an expanding category with promise in the fitness industry. Athos, one of a handful of startups building out its wearable

Hitting The Gym With Smart Apparel Startup Athos

If you're looking for exercises and workout routines, there are plenty of apps that can help (in fact, FitBit just acquired one of them). But what about making sure that you're exercising properly? Ho

Backed With $3.5M From Social+Capital, Athos Is Creating Connected Workout Clothing That Tracks Your Muscle Output And More

University of Waterloo college students Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe were frustrated by their workouts in the gym--they felt like there was no way to know whether they were actually working