At The Pool

Yeti Is Like Tinder For Places

Sometimes searching for the perfect bar or a challenging hiking trail can be like searching for a mythological creature. Unless you’ve already found Yeti.

Social Network At The Pool Relaunches On Mobile, With An App To Better Connect Nearby Friends

L.A.-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">At the Pool</a> is relaunching its social network as a new mobile app today, pivoting away from its <a href="

With Users In Over 83 Countries, Social Discovery Platform At The Pool Wants To Be The Anti-Facebook

<a target="_blank" href="">At The Pool</a>, the Los Angeles-based social discovery platform, is today rolling out a big re-design that sees the startup becoming laser-focused on c

Social Discovery Platform At The Pool Emerges From Beta With Funding, A Redesign & Users In 50 Countries

<a href="">At The Pool</a>, a Los Angeles-based social discovery network that aims to

Social Network At The Pool Releases TechCrunch “Pool” In Advance of Monday’s Launch

Happy weekend, readers! Unless your boss is making you work this weekend, you’ve got two days of freedom ahead of you. If you want to spend that time making new friends or meeting people with simila