Arcimoto’s latest teeny-tiny EV is all work and no play

Arcimoto, maker of pint-sized electric vehicles, has a new EV. By the looks of it, it’s no joy ride. The Eugene, Oregon–based startup dodged bankruptcy in February and strapped in its third CE

Three-wheeled EV startup Arcimoto shuffles leadership again

A newish leadership team is taking over at Arcimoto, a Eugene, Oregon–based startup that makes doorless, three-wheeled electric vehicles. On Thursday, the company said that board member Chris Dawson

Arcimoto promises new 3-wheeled EVs will steer better as it ramps up 2023 deliveries

Arcimoto, maker of doorless three-wheelers, says it is about ready to bang out some new electric vehicles. That’s quite a turnaround from January, when the EV startup halted production and warne

The Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle is a blast (that might not last)

“That doesn’t look safe.” The statement would follow me for days. Every time I mentioned I was test driving Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicle — an open-air, all-electric three-wheeler — a fri

Vegas visitors can take semi-autonomous EVs for a tour starting in 2023

Arcimoto, the maker of the three-wheeled electric Fun Utility Vehicles (FUVs), is teaming up with Faction to develop EVs that can be delivered to a customer’s hotel through a combination of low-

Arcimoto looks for investments via Fundable

Arcimoto brought the eighth iteration of its three-wheeled electric vehicle, the SRK, to CES 2017. This is the version that will be produced this spring in Eugene, Oregon, where the company has its he