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Stomp brings a fully functional Mastodon app to your Apple Watch

Another former Twitter app developer has turned their attention to Mastodon in the wake of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, which put an end to third-party clients. Launching today, a new app from

Facebook launches an experimental app for messaging close friends via Apple Watch

Facebook’s internal R&D group has today launched a new app that lets you keep up with your close friends via your Apple Watch. The app is called Kit, or Keep in Touch, and works using a comb

Pandora’s new Apple Watch app lets you leave your iPhone behind

Support for standalone streaming has come to Pandora’s Apple Watch app. The company today announced the official launch of its new standalone app for Apple Watch that lets you listen to music an

Chirp debuts a faster, feature-filled Twitter app for Apple Watch

Chirp, a Twitter client preferred by hundreds of thousands of Apple Watch users, is getting its biggest upgrade since its arrival last year. Now redesigned for watchOS 6, the new version of Chirp incl

Roku puts a remote on your wrist with new Apple Watch app

The Roku remote is coming to your wrist. The company announced today the launch of an Apple Watch app that lets you control your Roku device, including Roku media players and select Roku TVs, with a t

Apple Watch’s own built-in apps can be deleted in watchOS 6

Good news for Apple Watch owners who don’t want to clutter up their Watch with unused apps. With the release of the new watchOS 6 operating system later this year, Apple will allow Apple Watch d

Apple launches a Beddit beta program focused on improving its app

Apple is launching a new beta program for Beddit, the sleep-tracking company it acquired just over two years ago after selling Beddit products in Apple Stores for years. According to the beta program&

Chirp brings Twitter to Apple Watch

Twitter’s history of being a bit unfriendly to developers building third-party clients hasn’t frightened off Will Bishop. The young Australian developer recently released a version of Twit

Pokémon Go arrives on the Apple Watch

Following an erroneous report claiming that Niantic’s plans to bring Pokémon Go to the Apple Watch were canceled, the company today put those rumors to rest with more than a mere statement: i

AliveCor unveils Kardia Band, a medical-grade EKG band for Apple Watch

A medtech startup called AliveCor today unveiled what may be the first medical-grade EKG band for the Apple Watch, the Kardia Band, pending its FDA clearance. The product is intended to help wearers

Lookout’s new Apple Watch app will help you find your lost iPhone

Mobile security firm Lookout has introduced today what may be one of the more practical applications for Apple Watch. Its new smartwatch app will help you to not lose your phone, by alerting you if yo

You Can Now Play Pong On Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is good for many things – quickly answering texts and incoming calls, receiving important notifications, navigating your way through city streets, and more. But it hasn’t b

Runkeeper’s New Apple Watch App Lets You Ditch Your iPhone When Tracking Your Runs

With the release of the second version of Apple's Watch operating system, watchOS 2, apps can be loaded directly onto the device and run natively, instead of being tied to the iPhone. Today, the Runke

Google Maps Comes To Apple Watch

At Google’s press event today, the company announced a number of new products and updates, including two new Nexus smartphones, two Chromecast devices, a new Android tablet and more, but one t

Microsoft Outlook For Apple Watch One-Ups Apple’s Native Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is now a fully featured Apple Watch app. An updated version of the iOS application released today added the new smartwatch functionality, which includes the ability to quickly glance

The Apple Watch Is Now A Hulu Remote Control

A number of mobile app publishers are still trying to figure out their strategies related to Apple's first wearable device, the Apple Watch. While many opt for background apps that push relevant infor

Messaging And The Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch boasts the ability to instantly notify users with important updates -- breaking news stories, changes to their bank account or the achievement of a fitness goal -- its 42mm sc

Groupon’s New Apple Watch App Alerts You To Nearby Deals, Lets You Buy From Your Wrist

Groupon's deal-finding iOS application was updated today to include support for Apple Watch. Like many Watch apps, Groupon takes advantage of its ability to tap into a user's location by way of their

eBay Brings Its Online Marketplace To The Apple Watch

Ebay today is launching its first attempt at building a smartwatch experience for users of the Apple Watch with the debut of a new app that allows both buyers and sellers to receive updates and alerts

Re:quest Offers A Faster Way To Respond To Messages On Apple Watch And iPhone

If you’ve ever gotten stuck messaging friends back and forth just to get the answer to a simple question, a new iPhone and Apple Watch application called Re:quest wants to help. Designed to eli
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