Apple Says It Didn’t Provide UDIDs to FBI

Apple now has made an official statement on the UDID AntiSec fiasco we wrote about Tuesday. In a statement delivered to<a target="_blank" href="

FBI: “No Evidence” Apple Device UDIDs Were Leaked From Our Laptop

Earlier today, hackers at AntiSec claimed that it had got its hands on a database containing around 12 million UDID numbers from iPads and iPhones from an FBI employee-owned computer, a breach my coll

Apple UDID Leak: There’s No Proof (Yet) Of FBI Involvement, But Here’s Why You Should Still Care

12 million Apple UDIDs (unique device identifiers) may be in the wild, or at least that's the claim from the hacker groupĀ <a target="_blank" href="">Anti

Antisec Leaks 1,000,001 UDIDs From A Trove Of 12 Million Allegedly Stolen From An FBI Laptop

Hacker group <a target="_blank" href="">Antisec</a> has released 1,000,001 pieces of data related to Apple's UDID identification scheme. This data, if cro