Apple Says It Didn’t Provide UDIDs to FBI

Apple now has made an official statement on the UDID AntiSec fiasco we wrote about Tuesday. In a statement delivered to AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski by Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris, the company explained that it wasn’t the source of any UDIDs the FBI may have been stockpiling.

“The FBI has not requested this information from Apple, nor have we provided it to the FBI or any organization. Additionally, with iOS 6 we introduced a new set of APIs meant to replace the use of the UDID and will soon be banning the use of UDID,” Kerris told AllThingsD. It’s true that Apple recently put the kibosh on UDID tracking, and now seems to want to do away with them entirely to ensure they aren’t further abused.

The FBI denied hacker group AntiSec’s claims that the UDIDs were stolen from an FBI agency laptop, but that still hasn’t cleared up where they came from. Gawker’s Adrian Chen has donned a pink tutu to find out more, however, so we may have additional details soon.