Live from the Crunchies 2008

<img src=""> <a href="">Ustream</a> is broadcasting this year's <a href="http://crunc

CG will be on Attack of the Show today!

<img src="" alt="" />Who's putting us on live TV?

New DLP chipset allows for tiny projectors

<img src=""> Last year, Texas Instruments announced that they had developed what they called their "<a href="http://www.crunch

Wendy's is giving out free stuff like Xboxes, cars, laptops and HDTVs

<img src="" />Wendy's, yeah the fast food chain that claims to be "waaaay better than fast food," is having a promotion. They're run

Western Digital WD TV, tagline contest update

<img src="" alt="" />Hey, everyone, just thought we'd let you all know that we're currently crunching through the <a href="http://www.cru

Merry Christmas

We hope you’re home, warm, and well-fed. From all of us at CrunchGear, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday. Goodnight.

Informal Central Ohio Meet-up on December 29 in Columbus, Ohio

<img src=""> I'm proposing we have a get-together at <a HREF="">the Surly Girl Saloon</a> [<a HREF="htt

Welcome to the new CrunchGear

<img src="">You'll notice that we've changed things up a little over here at CG central. The new design allows us to feature more posts during

Addonics $55 adapter turns any USB drive into a NAS

Gone are the days of using expensive, noisy, bulky computers to serve media to our networks. Behold the Addonics NAS Adapter! This $55 doodad turns any USB drive into a network share accessible via SM

Douche of the Day: Diego Norte/James Brausch

We’ve been getting some spam emails from someone purporting to be Diego Norte offering us exciting notes to post on our blog. These notes include tips on how to cheat on your taxes and how to lu

CrunchGear Interns Needed: Learn a new trade

Looking to learn a new trade? Need freedom to just drive? Give blogging a try. The CG editors are looking for direct assistants, preferably based in the US or Europe. We’re not picky. How do you

Doug on Dr. Fitness

Our own sassy Doug Aamoth appeared on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Show last week, turning said show into Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy and One Really Tall Norwegian. Pop over to their site to listen

Happy Thanksgiving!

The CG boys are taking a well-earned break tomorrow but thank you for another great year of CrunchGear. We wake up for you guys, whether it seems like it or not, and we could have made it through with

Nominate us for a Weblog Award? Please? Peter Ha will get rickets if we don't win

Peter Ha is walking because of one thing: hope. And modern medicine. So two things, but the hope thing is much more interesting. That’s why I’m asking that you to nominate CG in one of the

What do you want to know about the BlackBerry Storm?

We may or may not have one lurking around the office, but in case we do, what would you like to know about it? Let us know in comments.

CrunchDrinks in Stockholm next week – Wednesday November 12, 7pm, Imperiet

I’ll be in Stockholm, Sweden next week and would love to meet some CrunchGear fans out there. Drop me a line at if you’re in town and would like to share a bit of &#822

How are we doing?

We’ve been doing this for a little over two years now and I’d like to see what you guys think of the site as it stands today. Feel free to excoriate or laud us in comments or email me dire

300 hands-on reviews by December 24

I hate to do this but we’re squarely in pre-holiday season and, for better or worse, you’re going to start shopping soon. Because we’re nice guys, we’re going to review 300 ite

Norton Internet Security/AntiVirus 2009: Fastest install of your life and a HUGE CONTEST

How many of you are annoyed by pop-ups from your Internet security software? What about the time it takes to install? I think you know where I’m going with this. Inevitably you’re running virus pr

Apple Store is down, now taking bets on what’ll be announced

As is our custom, here’s the arbitrary “The Apple Store is down!” post that gadget blogs the world over like to publish on the day that Apple announces something. So there you have it: the Apple
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