Google unveils playable ads for Android game developers and other tools

Google rolled out a series of new tools for Android game developers at GDC in San Francisco this week that offer new ways to entice users to download their games, as well as ways to make more money fr

Source: Former Nokia Vet Anssi Vanjoki Will Be CEO Of EQT-Owned Vertu, Android To Replace Symbian

Word has <a target="_blank" href="">come through</a> that Nokia has completed its sale of luxury phone brand Vertu to EQT VI

The T-Mobile G1 is now officially available

The extremely, highly anticipated, Android-powered G1 is now official available from T-Mobile. Somehow though, it’s doubtful that T-Mobile will see any iPhone-ish customer lines (please, send

The T-Mobile G1 gets unboxed

The first Android-powered handset’s launch is coming soon, but some lucky folks already have their dirty mitts on the complete package. The picture set doesn’t reveal anything spectacular

The must-see Android video demo from Google

  Google just made available an in-depth look at Android that you’re going to wanna watch. Shows off the Google syncing, phone lock, and much more. It should answer most of those questions sw