analog tv

  • DIY: How to set up your own analog tv station

    Despite the fact that analog television is dead (at least according to the FCC), some stalwarts are using their proficiency in dead tech to create their own channels, to rival the pirate radio of the 80’s. Seems that it’s actually pretty easy to pick up your own analog TV broadcast setup on ebay, strap an antenna to the nearest chimney, and then start spewing your own content over… Read More

  • Redemption rate of TV converter box vouchers just OK, not great

    Have you switched over to digital TV yet? Well, you probably did, since you read tech blogs, but the average American? Not so much. Since the government started offering vouchers for analog-to-digital TV signals, about 5.3 million households have received at least one. The main bottleneck seems to be that manufacturers and retailers like Best But have been slow to roll out the actual… Read More

  • The Orientation: Digital TV

    Welcome, friends, to another edition of The Orientation. This week we’re going to be looking at digital TV. The switch is coming soon. Ok, not really. It’s still a year away, but let’s take a look at what it’s all about. What’s the difference between analog and digital? Should you care? Does it really matter? The answer to the last two are a resounding, yes. Read More