Amazon Lockers

Stein Mart embraces the enemy with installation of Amazon Lockers in nearly 200 stores

Another brick-and-mortar retailer is turning to Amazon to help save its struggling business. Today, discount chain operator Stein Mart announced it will install Amazon Hub lockers in nearly 200 stores

Amazon is bringing its delivery Lockers to Coachella

Amazon Lockers are coming to a new location: Coachella. The retailer says it will make its storage lockers available to festival-goers, allowing them to order both in advance and same-day to have item

Now launching in Estonia, Cleveron’s PackRobot is like an Amazon Locker on steroids

Estonian startup Cleveron is looking to one-up Amazon's Lockers with a more advanced solution, and today the company's PackRobot makes its public debut in its home country.

Amazon Lockers Available For Delivery In Silicon Valley, Too

It looks like is expanding its Lockers program, which allows customers to have their deliveries sent to, yes, nearby lockers. The idea was first <a target="_blank" href="http://www.theda