alternative investments

More funding for defense tech?

It is too early to tell how long the Israel-Hamas war may last, but it is likely to make democracies' need for defense tech even clearer.

Fintech Vint hopes to turn wine and spirits into a mainstream asset class

Fintech startup Vint thinks everyone should invest in wine and spirits and is hoping to facilitate such investments with the help of fresh seed funding.

Investors’ flight to safety and regulation creates tailwinds for passion assets

Startups are facilitating alternative investments in passion assets, such as fine wine and spirits.

Will alternative investments become a staple in all investors’ portfolios?

Alternative investments — alts — are not just for institutional funds: Individual investors are showing an increased interest in this asset class.

Allocations just got valued at $150M to help private equity funds lure smaller investors

Interest in alternative investments such as private equity, real estate and crypto continues to surge, and Miami-based fintech startup Allocations is riding the wave. Less than three years after its f

The alternative asset class needs new infrastructure — who will build it?

Just as traditional alternatives are becoming a consistent part of the modern portfolio, a new era of alternative assets is emerging, fueling a broader and more fragmented landscape for investing.

Equi is building a family office for non-billionaires

The exclusive club of family offices just got one comma shorter. For the paltry sum of $350,000, or just over five times the median U.S. household income, individuals can invest with Equi in complex s