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  • With ‘Save To Pulse’ Bookmarklet And Chrome Extension, Pulse Enters Instapaper’s Turf

    With ‘Save To Pulse’ Bookmarklet And Chrome Extension, Pulse Enters Instapaper’s Turf

    Alphonso Labs, the fledgling company behind Pulse, a nifty social news reader for iPhone, iPad and Android devices used by roughly 5 million people, aims to pose a challenge to simple bookmarking tool Instapaper (and a range of other bookmarking and ‘read it later’ apps). The startup is today debuting both a bookmarklet and a Chrome add-on that enables users to ‘save stories… Read More

  • On The Verge Of 5 Million Users, Pulse Scores The First ESPN Deal

    On The Verge Of 5 Million Users, Pulse Scores The First ESPN Deal

    In many ways, tablet-focused readers like Pulse, Flipboard, and now Editions, are the next phase of RSS readers. But they’re RSS readers that the masses will actually use because they’re actually user-friendly and oriented around experience and visuals. But because they’re so tailored for user experience, they often need partnerships beyond a simple RSS feed to bring in… Read More

  • Peruse Nearby Groupons In Your Pulse Reader

    Pulse is not just for news feeds and Facebook links. Now you can also get nearby daily deals. With the latest update to both the iPhone and Android apps, when you enable location sharing, Pulse will pull nearby Groupon deals. Pulse lets you subscribe to different deals by city. You can see them as a stream in your Pulse reader, along with deals from nearby cities. If you click through… Read More

  • 4 Million Users Strong And Apple Design Award In Hand, Pulse Grabs $9 Million Series A

    Apple doesn’t hand out a lot of design awards. When they do, it’s a pretty clear indication of the apps they feel best showcase their platforms. This year at WWDC, one of the winners was Pulse, the visual news-reading app created by Alphonso Labs. And Apple isn’t the only one taking notice of the app, so are investors. New Enterprise Associates, Greycroft Partners, and… Read More

  • With RSS Face Down In A Ditch, Lifeless, Pulse Finds A Heartbeat Beyond It

    We love the “RSS Is Dead” meme here at TechCrunch. Hell, we started it. And while RSS isn’t exactly dead as in gone, it is dead in that the vast majority of people who consume content on the web have absolutely no idea what it is and will never know what it is. But even that’s not necessarily bad news for RSS. What is bad news is that services that previously only relied… Read More

  • Here's What Pulse Will Look Like On Android Honeycomb

    Today, during their Android Honeycomb unveiling event, Google took a little bit of time on stage to mention one app: Pulse. The social news reading app began as an iPad project, but has since found a comfortable home on a wider range of devices, including Android devices. And now they’re ready to fully embrace Android tablets with Honeycomb. Co-founder Akshay Kothari notes that… Read More

  • Will 2011 See App Makers Thinking Android-First? One Developer Thinks It's Possible

    Will 2011 See App Makers Thinking Android-First? One Developer Thinks It's Possible

    Over the weekend, there was a ton of talk about 2011 being the year in which Android “explodes” onto the market. You could argue that 2010 was already that year, but plenty of numbers indicate that 2011 will be much bigger for the platform. But despite Android as a whole already outselling the iPhone, there’s little debate that amongst developers, iOS is still the platform… Read More

  • Pulse Becomes One Of The Best Ways To Browse Facebook On The iPad

    It’s perplexing to me that Facebook still hasn’t released an iPad app. And recent comments from the company suggest that they’re in no hurry to. Because of this, apps like Friendly have risen that wrap Facebook’s touch site in a cocoa skin and sell it for $0.99. They’ve undoubtedly made a killing doing that. Now the popular visual RSS reader, Pulse, is about to… Read More

  • Pulse 2.0 Lives: Bigger, Faster, More Organized Visual iPad News Consumption

    Last May, we noted that Pulse was a “must-have news app for the iPad.” A few weeks later, no less than Apple CEO Steve Jobs agreed, showing it off on stage at an Apple event. Then the app got pulled over a content dispute. Then it reappeared. Then a competitor with big-time backing appeared, Flipboard. It’s been a crazy ride for the two Stanford grads who built Pulse. And… Read More

  • iPad Reader Pulse Teams Up With Posterous To Make You A News Aggregator

    Alphonso Labs‘ Pulse app for the iPad provides a beautiful way to read your favorite feeds. Unfortunately, compared to the newer entry Flipboard, it’s not very socially personalized. An update tonight hopes to change that. Pulse is teaming up with Posterous to create a simple way for users to create their own “Pulses.” What this means is that they can with one tap add… Read More

  • Pulse Is Now Alive And Kicking On Android

    Back in May, we first wrote about Pulse, an innovative and pretty news reading app for the iPad created by a couple of Stanford grads. Just about a month later, it hit for the iPhone as well. Today, they’re wasting little time graduating beyond the iUniverse with the launch of Pulse for Android. Pulse is essentially a better-looking and more intuitive way to read your favorite RSS feeds. Read More

  • Pulse For iPhone Lands (Screenshots)

    Remember Pulse, the awesome RSS reader application for the iPad built by a couple of Stanford grads? The app that was mentioned by Steve Jobs himself on stage at WWDC, got pulled from the App Store after a complaint from the New York Times, but was reinstated pretty quickly? Well, it was no secret that a Pulse iPhone app was coming, too, and we just got word that it’s available as of… Read More

  • Stanford Students Build Their Own Y Combinator

    Editor’s note: The following guest post is written by Larry Chiang, author of What They Don’t Teach you At Stanford Business School and an advisor to the new Stanford Student Startup Lab. STANFORD, CA—Here on campus, a couple of undergrads successfully built their own Y Combinator. It launches today. It’s called SSE Labs and it is modeled after the incubator Y… Read More

  • Stanford Graduates Release Pulse, A Must-Have News App For The iPad

    Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta, two Stanford grads who signed up for the Launch Pad class at the University’s Institute of Design (aka, could have hardly chosen a better path to try their hands at startup life. The pair has gone from idea to a (very cool) digital news app for the iPad in just 5 weeks, and they’re just getting started. The application, called Pulse, is… Read More