iPad Reader Pulse Teams Up With Posterous To Make You A News Aggregator

Alphonso Labs‘ Pulse app for the iPad provides a beautiful way to read your favorite feeds. Unfortunately, compared to the newer entry Flipboard, it’s not very socially personalized. An update tonight hopes to change that.

Pulse is teaming up with Posterous to create a simple way for users to create their own “Pulses.” What this means is that they can with one tap add any article to their own Pulse — thus making any user an aggregator of news. Posterous comes in because each of these Pulse items are transfered to a free blog which is automatically created for you. “This blog will post the articles you have picked, hence enabling you to share this even with friends who don’t have Pulse,” Alphonso Labs co-founder Akshay Kothari says.

But if your friends are using Pulse, there will be an easy way for them to subscribe to your Pulses, simply by searching for their name or username.

But the most interesting aspect of all of this may be the aggregator Alphonso Labs has created to show off the best of these Pulses: Pulsememe. It’s sort of like Techmeme (though it covers all news, not just tech news), but it relies on these Posterous-powered Pulse blogs to aggregate what’s hot. In a way, it’s actually more like Delicious or Google Reader shared items.

Pulsememe also features a sidebar list of top editors to show off who is discovering the most interesting content.

The service is pretty bare-bones at the moment — but there’s also no one really using it outside of Alphonso Labs employees. If a lot of people get into this idea of using the Pulse app as their own aggregation tool, this could be an interesting way to discover news.

Posterous, meanwhile, continues to come up with interesting ways to get people to create blogs on their network.

Last week, Pulse launched its app on the Android platform. The app also works on the iPhone and iPod touch — though this aggregator tool is only on the iPad app for the time being.

You can find the Pulse app here. It’s $3.99.