No rules, no problem: DeepMind’s MuZero masters games while learning how to play them

DeepMind has made it a mission to show that not only can an AI truly become proficient at a game, it can do so without even being told the rules. Its newest AI agent, called MuZero, accomplishes this

Researchers teach an AI how to dribble

While this animated fellow looks like something out of NBA 2K18, it’s really an AI that’s learning how to dribble in real time. The AI starts out fumbling the ball a bit and by cycle 95 it

Facebook’s open-source Go bot can now beat professional players

Go is the go-to game for machine learning researchers. It’s what Google’s DeepMind team famously used to show off its algorithms, and Facebook, too, recently announced that it was building

DeepMind has yet to find out how smart its AlphaGo Zero AI could be

Once Alphabet’s artificial intelligence company DeepMind had masted the ability to defeat the best human Go players in the world, it tried to beat its own best attempts using an approach based s

Artificial intelligence is not as smart as you (or Elon Musk) think

DeepMind's AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol, the best human Go player in the world. It was a defining technological moment not unlike IBM's Deep Blue beating chess champion Garry Kasparov, or IBM Watson beatin

After beating the world’s elite Go players, Google’s AlphaGo AI is retiring

Google’s AlphaGo — the AI developed to tackle the world’s most demanding strategy game — is stepping down from competitive matches after defeating the world’s best talen

Google’s AlphaGo AI wins three-match series against the world’s best Go player

Google’s AlphaGo AI has once again made the case that machines are now smarter than man — when it comes to games of strategy, at least. AlphaGo made its name last year when it defeated hi

“We should not talk about jobs being lost but people suffering,” says Kasparov on AI

How can humans stay ahead of an ever growing machine intelligence? "I think the challenge for us is to always be creative," says former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, speaking on stage here at T

DeepMind’s updated AlphaGo has been secretly savaging pro players online

Pokémon GO might have been the most talked about “Go” game of 2016, but the world of AI remains fixated on another Go — AlphaGo. Last spring, Go-playing AI AlphaGo made headlines when i

Google: Defeating Go champion shows AI can ‘find solutions humans don’t see’

Much was written of an historic moment for artificial intelligence last week when a Google-developed AI beat one of the planet's most sophisticated players of Go, an East Asia strategy game renowned f

Google AI beats Go world champion again to complete historic 4-1 series victory

The battle between Google's artificial intelligence and Go world champion Lee Seedol concluded today after the former (AlphaGo) triumphed to win the five-game series 4-1.

Defeated Go world champion beats DeepMind AI in penultimate match

Machines 3, humans 1... That's the current score in a five-match series being played out between DeepMind's AlphaGo and human Go world champion, Lee Sedol.

Google’s DeepMind chalks up AI landmark after beating Go world champion Lee Sedol

There's a notable moment in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) today, after DeepMind -- the London-based company from Google -- used its technology to defeat Go world champion Lee Sedol.