Alex Payne

  • The Internal Call To Decentralize Twitter That Fizzled

    The Internal Call To Decentralize Twitter That Fizzled

    This is the very last thing I’ll write about Alex Payne writing about Twitter. I think. Payne wrote a great post on his personal blog yesterday with his thoughts on the new version of and what it means. He also reflected back on his time (three and a half years) at Twitter, before moving on to his new job, with the banking disruption startup BankSimple. Payne, who has a… Read More

  • After 3+ Years, Alex Payne Quits Twitter To Create "A Bank That Doesn't Suck"

    A couple years ago when Twitter was having major scaling issues, engineer Alex Payne was able to work through them to help create the Twitter API. That API, of course, is now one of the most important on the web. And now Payne is moving on to a new challenge. As he tweets today and writes on his personal blog, Payne has quit Twitter to join the social banking startup BankSimple as a co-founder. Read More