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Apple responds to Senator Franken’s Face ID privacy concerns

Apple has now responded to a letter from Senator Franken last month in which he asked the company to provide more information about the incoming Face ID authentication technology which is baked into

Niantic responds to Senate inquiry into Pokémon Go privacy

Niantic, the makers of Pokémon Go, responded today to a letter from Sen. Al Franken that questioned the wildly popular game’s privacy features. Niantic defended the game’s use of players&

In Letter To Google CEO, Sen. Franken Raises Questions Regarding Student Data Collection

In a letter sent Wedesday to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) sought to raise questions regarding Google’s use of data gathered from their EdTech initiatives. While

Pressure In Congress Grows For GPS Tracking Reform After Supreme Court Passes On Cell Phone Case

Senators and House representatives this week are calling on Congress to act on bills that would limit location tracking and phone surveillance after the Supreme Court decided not to hear a cell phone

GAO To Congress: Revisit Privacy Concerns Over Facial Recognition Technology

Today, Senator Al Franken announced a new report by the GAO on the use of facial recognition technology. Franken has been on the side of looking into the privacy implications on that type of tech and

Senator Al Franken’s Concerns About Uber’s Privacy Policy Linger

U.S. Senator Al Franken today sent another letter to Uber's Travis Kalanick, probing the embattled CEO to provide more information about the company's privacy policies. Franken, a Minnesota Democr

GOP Net Neutrality Proposal Draws Ire, Praise

A preliminary Congressional GOP net neutrality plan earned modest praise today from the Internet Association, while Senator Al Franken tried to rally his troops this morning in the opposite direction.

The Mobile Privacy Hearings: Senators Prod, Apple And Google Defend

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Can Al Franken Save Net Neutrality?

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Al Franken Needs Your Help To Save Net Neutrality

<img src="" />Al Franken, the junior senator from Minnesota, wants you to help him save Net Neutrality. Given that Google may or may n