Akimbo Lands $850K From Rackspace Co-founder & Others To Bring Prepaid Debit Cards Into The Social, Mobile Era

With the proliferation of smartphones, we're now able to use these mobile, mini computers to do just about everything we would do on our desktop while on the go. Yet, in spite of this evolution, mobil

Akimbo calls it quits

Remember Akimbo? It’s gone now. The company launched an internet-connected hardware box for your TV a few years ago and charged about $10 a month for a handful of channels, some mainstream. Afte

Akimbo Jumps Into Deadpool, Takes $56 Million With It

Akimbo, the online video provider that never seemed to establish an identity, has closed its doors. The sudden move is surprising, given that the site raised $4 million in funding less than three mont

Akimbo Reinvents Itself Again, Takes More Money

Online video provider Akimbo has reinvented itself again as a white label video service provider and has taken a new round of funding. Akimbo’s new white label video solution includes an adverti

Sling Media Sells Out to EchoStar

EchoStar’s $380 million purchase of Sling Media once again raises the question of whether a consumer TV-device company can exist as a standalone entity. History has not been kind to such compani

Akimbo Courts PC Users, NHL Fans

Most video-content companies are concentrating on getting their stuff off your computer and onto your TV. Akimbo was already on TVs, however, and is now working on getting that content onto your PC. T

CES 2007: Dear Diary…Hump Day Part One

It’s finally Wednesday, January 10. It’s my last day of meetings. Seven of them in a row starting bright and early with Akimbo and their CEO who’s named same as me. Put simply, Akimb

Arrington Hates the Netflix, Om Loves the Akimbo, What Do You Like?

Looks like slow news day at the world of Web 2.0 blogs. Yesterday Mike broke up with Netflix — it was calling me last night asking me what to do and I was all like “Dude, move on. He&#8217