SiteScout Acquires IP Developed By Defunct Ad Exchange adBrite

Ad exchange <a href="">adBrite shut down</a> earlier this year, but its technology isn't disappearing entirely — self-serve ad-buying company <a t

Fucked Company/Adbrite Founder Philip Kaplan To Launch Kaplan Index

<img alt="" />People are urging Philip Kaplan to restart his <a href="">FuckedCompany</a> site that gathered so much attention earlier this decade. Clone sites are popping up

As Demand For Display Ads Soften, AdBrite Introduces Cost-Per-Click Banners

<img src="" /> As overall online advertising continues to <a href="

Adbrite Lays Off 40% Of Staff, Including Two Execs

<img alt="" />It's not a happy day at San Francisco-based <a href="">Adbrite</a> this morning. The company is laying off 40 employees, which is 40% of total staff. Among those th

Technorati To Launch Blogger Advertising Network

Through a variety of sources we’ve confirmed that Technorati is making plans for a major shift in its going forward strategy, and is also considering a number of corporate development transactio

Spottt Reincarnates LinkExchange

Spottt, which went into private beta at TechCrunch40, launches to the public today. The product is part of the Adbrite advertising network, but is being run as a separate brand. It is a reincarnation

Is AdBrite About to Lose One Third of Its Ads?

AdBrite might have just secured an additional $23 million in funding, but at midnight tonight its business prospects may look decidedly dimmer. Competing ad network Etology is cutting deals with some

AdBrite Takes In Another $23 Million

Ad networks are still catching money like rain. AdBrite raised $23 million from existing investors Sequoia Capital and Hedge fund Artis Management, reports Dan Primack. This is on top of $12 million,

TechCrunch40 Session 6: Revenue Models & Analytics

Session six as follows, including our live notes. Spottt (Adbrite) Spottt helps like-minded sites promote each other for free. Just put a Spottt on your site, blog, or MySpace profile. Every time you

Ok, Ok. All Of You (even YouTube) Invented Video Overlay Ads "First"

When I wrote a post earlier today suggesting that YouTube was not the first to use a Flash overlay advertisement for online video, I didn’t realize I’d be getting so many emails and commen

Video Ads: Every Startup Has A Different Solution

It may seem weird, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I see ads in my viral video. eMarketer expects online video advertising to nearly double in 2008 to $1.3 billion, but no one’

Redefining The IMG Tag

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AdBrite Makes Brilliant Video Product

Ad Network Adbrite, which we wrote about in November, has soft launched a new video product that is going to be very popular with bloggers and other sites that embed a lot of video. The new product is

FuckedCompany's Adbrite Spawn Goes 2.0

In 2002, page views on Philip Kaplan’s infamous FuckedCompany website were going through the roof – and he needed an advertising platform to monetize those visitors. He couldn’t find