AdBrite Makes Brilliant Video Product

Ad Network Adbrite, which we wrote about in November, has soft launched a new video product that is going to be very popular with bloggers and other sites that embed a lot of video.

The new product is called In Video. Adbrite has created an embeddable video player similar to YouTube, Photobucket, etc. (see video below using their player). If we choose to show a video on TechCrunch, we can use this embeddable player, and at our option it will include Adbrite ads and our logo as a watermark. Anyone who takes the content and embeds it on their own site will show the same video, with the same ads and watermark (revenue goes to the original video creator). And all click backs on the video go to the original site (whereas with YouTube all click backs go the original YouTube site).

Whether you want to embed ads or not, this is the best way I’ve seen to show video on your own site.

Adbrite is not hosting video, so you’ll have to upload it to YouTube, Photobucket, or wherever, in .flv format and then point Adbrite to the URL for the video.

In Video is in private beta testing – users can sign up for an invitation on the about page.