Fucked Company/Adbrite Founder Philip Kaplan To Launch Kaplan Index

People are urging Philip Kaplan to restart his FuckedCompany site that gathered so much attention earlier this decade. Clone sites are popping up to fill the void during this down market, and people sort of see the world of dead and dying startups as Kaplan’s territory.

He strongly considered re-starting the site and even had a former Valleywag writer lined up to do the hard work. But on second thought, he said, that era is dead for him. He’s going to focus on the positive instead.

Thus the beginning of his newest service, Kaplan Index, which he tells me will launch in the next few weeks. The site is quiet on what exactly the service will do, but does say “Get recognized for your skills in 2009,” which tells me it’s got something to do with finding people a job.