Adblock Plus’s Till Faida on the shifting shape of ad blocking

Publishers hate ad blockers, but millions of internet users embrace them — and many browsers even bake it in as a feature, including Google’s own Chrome. At the same time, growing numbers of p

Adblock Plus maker has a new taskforce to fight publisher efforts to reinject ads

In the arms race of ad blocking there’s clearly never a dull moment as efforts to block ads are combated by publisher and platform countermeasures trying to fox the blocks. This is why Adblock P

Adblock Plus wants to use blockchain to call out fake news

eyeo, the company behind the popular browser-based ad block product Adblock Plus, is no stranger to controversy. Which is just as well given its new “passion project”: A browser add-on tha

U.K. Carrier EE Looking At Giving Users Control Over Mobile Ads

The momentum against increasingly intrusive ad tech is continuing to gain strength, with major U.K. carrier EE stepping into the debate with an announcement that it's launching a strategic review on w

Hands On With Three iOS 9 Content Blockers: 1Blocker, Blockr And Crystal

Apple’s support for ad blockers on the new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9, launching Wednesday, is poised to change how consumers interact with the web on mobile devices. Followi

AdBlock Plus Responds To Play Store Ban: “Unilateral Move By Google Threatens Consumer Choice”

Yesterday Google began removing ad-blocking apps from its Play Store on the grounds that they violate part of its Developer Distribution Agreement. Now one of the removed apps, AdBlock Plus, has hit b

Adblock Plus Extension Developer Raises Funding From Mystery Partner

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Adblock Plus</a>, the wildly popular <a href="

Nice knowing you, AdBlock, but it's time to move on

<img src="" />Today's a very important day in the history of me using the Internet, a history that began in late 1996. Ladies and gentleman,

Mozilla Add-Ons Hit One Billion Downloads

<img src="" /> In other Mozilla news, Firefox hit a major milestone today with the <a href="