Shinola, Grado Labs, And Adafruit To Talk Making And Manufacturing At Disrupt NY

Manufacturing never left America. Even during the recession, good people were still building good things. Recently, though, thanks to the maker movement, small-scale manufacturing is seeing a renaissa

Save $224 With This 3D-Printed Adapter To Affix Google Glass To Standard Frames

Google is now selling its own Glass-compatible frames for prescription lenses, but they’ll set you back $225 a pair, lenses not included. That’s a bit steep, especially when you’ve a

Ladyada Talks To President Obama About Patent Reform

Our favorite hacker in the world, Ladyada AKA Limor Fried, spent a good few minutes talking to President Obama in one of his famous Fireside Hang-outs. The video, above, features Ladyada and her pink

Turn The Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Into A Low-Cost Laptop With This Atrix Dock Hack

The $35/$25 Raspberry Pi microcomputer is being used by hardware hackers to power all sorts of creative projects. Including this Raspberry Pi powered laptop, which ties in the Motorola Atrix laptop do

Here’s A Weekend Project For First-Time Tinkerers: Turn Your Converse Into A DIY Light Show

The weekend isn't upon us just yet, but here's a little project to tuck away for when the Sunday doldrums set in -- the New York-based tinkerers/part suppliers at Adafruit Industries have worked up a

Limor Fried Explains Why Adafruit Industries Likes Manufacturing In North America

There's a long-held notion that China should be the go-to place for those in need of inexpensive manufactured products, but some prominent makers don't buy it. Our own John Biggs sat down with Adafrui

Adafruit’s Limor Fried Wants To Make People Comfortable With Their Electronics, Inside And Out

Recently consumer electronics have tended to be more about closing things down then opening them up, but New York-based Adafruit is working to help reverse that trend, and to make it so that people ar

Limor Fried AKA Ladyada Will Join Us To Talk Hardware On The Disrupt Stage

We often give short shrift to hardware at Disrupt mostly because investors are afraid to look at companies that can't pivot without trashing 30 days of inventory. No longer. <a target="_blank" href="h

Circuit Playground Is Adafruit’s Educational Series For Helping Kids Learn About Electronics

Adafruit, the DIY electronics website and marketplace, is espousing the popular strategy of "get em' young" with a new live action short video series broadcast on YouTube. The series, called Circuit P

Lady Ada AKA Limor Fried Named Entrepreneur Of The Year

While I don't often hold stock in random pronouncements by magazines, I'm shocked and thrilled that Entrepreneur Magazine named Limor Fried, founder of <a target="_blank" href="">A

This Is A Giger Geiger Counter

For your perusal: a Geiger counter made in the style of HR Giger. Why? Because this is the Internet and people do stuff for attention, that's why. The creator, Steve D of Mad Art Lab, bought a real

DIY Black Friday

CAT IS NOT FOR SALE Our good friend Phil Torrone sent us this list of cool homebrew deals on Chumby devices, Adafruit boards, and other goodness. Fist, you’ve got some Chumby-powered devices tha

Phil Torrone etches flying toasters into his iPad

<img src="">Never ones to let any aluminum surface go unsullied, PT and <a HREF="