Ladyada Talks To President Obama About Patent Reform


Our favorite hacker in the world, Ladyada AKA Limor Fried, spent a good few minutes talking to President Obama in one of his famous Fireside Hang-outs. The video, above, features Ladyada and her pink hair grilling the president on patent reform and STEM education.

It’s great that Makers like Fried are getting the attention of those in power. From Bre Pettis’ work with the America Makes initiative to the countless hardware companies working to redefine what it means to manufacture in the heartland, it’s important for makers to have a seat at the table. Builders will the be backbone of the coming post-Information Economy and I’m glad that Ladyada is speaking out in advance.

The best thing? Fried asks the President if his girls are into STEM and he says they’re still defining their interests but that it’s important that more women enter the tech fields. “We need to have more girls interested in math, science, and engineering. We have half the population that is way underrepresented in the schools,” he said.

via AdaFruit Blog