This Is A Giger Geiger Counter


For your perusal: a Geiger counter made in the style of HR Giger. Why? Because this is the Internet and people do stuff for attention, that’s why.

The creator, Steve D of Mad Art Lab, bought a real Geiger counter from Adafruit Industries and wrapped it up in plastic bones from a skeleton model. A coat of black paint and some creepy pipes and he had a complete Giger counter that looked like a cross between a tricorder and a lizard fetus.

The impetus for the project was a mispelling Steve noticed in a recent Tweet:

Shortly after the movie Prometheus hit theaters, Phil posted this on Twitter:

“If I ever go to an alien planet, I’m bringing a Giger counter. #ThingsILearnedFomSciFIMovies”

…which, of course, made me think, “I need a Giger counter”. And what’s the first thing you do when you want to build something in the style of H. R. Giger? That’s right, go out for some ribs…

Now if someone could make an 3D model of this we could all enjoy our Giger counters as we went our way through the wilds of alien planets.

via Make