activity tracking

Google Fit gets improved activity logging and a breathing exercise

Google Fit, Google’ s activity-tracking app for Android, is getting a small but meaningful update today that adds a few new features that’ll likely make its regular users quite happy. Some

Miiya Kids’ Wearable Wants To Encourage Safe And Active Play

Meet Miiya: a kids wearable that's being designed to nudge kids to be more active, while also offering security features for parents to help alert them if their child has wandered too far away.

Misfit Debuts A New “Swarovski Shine” Wearables Collection Featuring Crystal Jewelry, Solar Charging

<a target="_blank" href="">Misfit</a>, the maker of "connected" products including smart home items and its flagship wearable device, the Misfit Shine, has today teamed up with Sw

Android Wear Gets Experimental Offline Step Counting

Android Wear is a platform in progress, as evidenced by Google’s continual updates, bringing features like third-party watch face support and more big changes in periodic updates. One that also

Misfit Moves Further Away From Hardware And Into Platform Territory With New Beddit Integration

The hardware wearable business is a tough gig, and today brings another reminder: Fitness and activity tracking startup Misfit has announced a new partnership with Beddit, a hardware maker that builds

Apple Explores Ways To Automate Notifications And Alarms Based On Feedback From Wearables

Apple had some new patent applications related to wearables published today (via AppleInsider) and they all deal with a system in which the iPhone acts as a hub that collects data from sensors in wris

OMsignal Opens Pre-Orders For Smart Shirts That Track Activity, Fitness And Stress

After raising $1 million last year and debuting its smartwear clothing-embedded sensor tech, Montreal-based OMsignal is now ready to start accepting orders from customers. Its first product is the OM

NWU Develops More Accurate Activity Tracking So Nike’s Next Motion App Will Be Smarter Still

Apps and devices that track motion are of questionable use value - it's true that they provide a general idea of a user's activity level, but that can very wildly from reality, since there's often ver

PUSH Looks To Crowdfund A Pro-Grade Activity Tracker For Athletes For Real Workout Metrics

Toronto-based startup PUSH is hoping to add some professionalism to an essentially amateur space, with its fitness tracker aimed specifically at pros and demanding athletes who want data, not vague me