• iPhone activations taking it all back home

    According to BGR, Apple will be offering a pre-registration process for iPhone purchases but will not bring back the old “buy it, take it home, crack it/activate it” model used by so many of us during the first iPhone craze. Read More

  • Six million iBricks… and growing

    Well this is a fine kettle of fish. iPhone activations have essentially gone down and everyone – from folks updating their old phones to new 3G activators – are stuck with bricks until traffic dies off. Reader Brent reports: Hey Just a heads up…my iPhone, and looking at their forums, everyone else’s iPhones are bricks because the last step of their update process is… Read More

  • Apple CSR confirms: No iPhone 3G online sales, in-store activation a must

    Reader Steve has been chatting with CSRs today – he’s already talked to two – and they’ve both confirmed my worst fears: you will not be able to order the IP3G online and it will only be available in stores and it will be activated in store, regardless. The transcript follows, CSR’s replies in bold. What does this mean? It means getting an unlocked… Read More

  • Diceria: iPhone 3G to have 2-part activation process

    The iPhone 3G will require a two part activation, conflicting with earlier reports. Well, rumors. And this is a rumor, too, and an Italian one at that, so don’t freak out when it, too, is refuted in 18 minutes. Such is life online. Anyhow, an Italian site claims that the iPhone 3G will be activated in two parts, once in the store and once at home. The in-store activation will tell the… Read More

  • iPhone Activation Round-up

    So you bought that pretty little glass rectangle without realizing that it needs to be activated to access any of the features, and now you don’t want to spend $60 a month just for the iPod and WiFi. Well you’re in luck, because a few smart people have invented ways for you to enjoy your “best iPod ever” without selling your soul to AT&T. Here’s how to… Read More

  • iPhone Will Be Activated By iTunes

    Call it convenience or call it more fiddling to do, but make sure you call it Apple’s final decision. Lucky iPhone owners will have to come home and sync their iPhone with iTunes in order to activate it. Now normally I’d say this would be an annoying process that Apple should have dumped on AT&T, though when you think about it, the iPhone is also a music and video player as… Read More