• Waxmail Update

    Waxmail is a great productity tool that allows you to attach mp3 audio files to an email. We first wrote about Waxmail late last month when they released their Outlook product. Waxmail just announced that they now have support for Outlook Express. I’m hoping they include other email applications over time – like Mail and Entourage for the Mac. A lot of people overlooked Waxmail as… Read More

  • Voice Email with WaxMail

    WaxMail is a free voice email service for Outlook from the guys who created Skylook (see our profile here). WaxMail requires a small download and a quick installation with Outlook. From there, all you have to do is click a button to record a voicemail. The sound file is saved as an MP3 and is attached to the email, which can also include text and other attachments. WaxMail is free, although… Read More