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Waxmail is a great productity tool that allows you to attach mp3 audio files to an email. We first wrote about Waxmail late last month when they released their Outlook product.

Waxmail just announced that they now have support for Outlook Express. I’m hoping they include other email applications over time – like Mail and Entourage for the Mac.

A lot of people overlooked Waxmail as just another audio recording tool. But I’ve found that I use it more and more often. There is just something very cool about recording a quick sound file to accompany certain emails. It’s sometimes easier to say what you think sometimes rather than write it. It’s especially useful when emailing a picture, chart or other visual document that needs commentary.

Best of all, it’s completely free. Try it out if you use outlook or outlook express. It’s really easy to use.

  • Basil

    1- Yay! Enterprise content on TechCrunchIT! /approve
    2- Hardware is swift becoming a commodity. Many large software vendors like Oracle are pushing their solutions to handle distributed and less efficient hardware intelligently (for example Oracle RAC), and this is pushing enterprises from their proprietary server and storage platforms to cheaper, more “disposable” ones. The best way HP et al can safeguard their profitability if this trend continues is to focus on things that can’t be commoditized as easily like services and software.

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