Voice Email with WaxMail

WaxMail is a free voice email service for Outlook from the guys who created Skylook (see our profile here).

WaxMail requires a small download and a quick installation with Outlook. From there, all you have to do is click a button to record a voicemail. The sound file is saved as an MP3 and is attached to the email, which can also include text and other attachments. WaxMail is free, although there is a small text advertisement added to the email. For those wishing to exclude the add, WaxMail charges a $29.95 one time fee.

We’ve profiled a few companies in this space – vemail, slawesome, and springdoo. They all do things a little differently…and for many people WaxMail will work best.

The downside is that it only currently works with Outlook, and I really dislike Outlook. The upside: it’s free, it works incredibly well and it has a very slick interface. Also, I love the fact that files are actually sent as attachments (meaning they can be listened to offline, easily forwarded, etc.) instead of forcing the listener to click on a link. Check out Jason Clarke for additional information.

Try it out and send me a voice message at editor@beta.techcrunch.com

UPDATE: Robert Scoble just discovered WaxMail as well and has some ideas on using it for podcasting.