• After 8 Years On The Web, Project Management Platform Basecamp Finally Launches An “Official” iOS App

    After 8 Years On The Web, Project Management Platform Basecamp Finally Launches An “Official” iOS App

    Basecamp, the project management platform developed by 37 Signals that launched in 2004, is still alive and kicking, which is something of a feat considering how many companies have come and gone in this space over the years. Plus, more recently, a slew of promising new players have entered the market, including Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein’s Asana, Joel Spolsky’s… Read More

  • 37signals Buys Campfire iPhone App Ember

    Collaboration software developer 37signals has bought Ember, an iPhone app for Campfire, according to a blog post. on the company’s site. 37signals develops Campfire, which is a popular real-time group chat tool used by developers and businesses. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 37signals founder Jason Fried says that Ember’s iPhone app, which was developed by app… Read More

  • Startup School 2009: 37 Signals has some lessons for European startups

    Y combinator’s annual startup school event was held in Berkeley last Saturday and featured a stellar lineup of speakers including the founders of Twitter, Facebook and Zappos. The founders speaking were almost universally charming and funny, even Mark Zuckerberg who I was determined to dislike (he does look around 12 though). This reinforces my belief that charm goes a long way in… Read More

  • We Hold Twitter Ransom For $100 Billion Dollars

    37signals founder Jason Fried probably had the post of the day today mocking Twitter’s $1 billion valuation on its latest rumored round of funding. The post, titled “PRESS RELEASE: 37SIGNALS VALUATION TOPS $100 BILLION AFTER BOLD VC INVESTMENT” is very funny. But it’s also disingenuous. By way of sarcasm, Fried raises a number of points. But the key ones he hits on… Read More

  • Wiggio Comes Out Of Beta With A Yammer For College Students

    College students now have their own Yammer. Last week, Wiggio came out of beta with a new look and a slew of group messaging and group management features. For each private group that you create, Wiggio provides a Twitter-like message stream from all the group members. But it also includes a slew of other features such as a shared calendar, mass text and voice messaging, file-sharing… Read More

  • Signing Off, And What Does A TechCrunch Writer Actually Use?

    This is my last post at TechCrunch as a full time writer (I may yet do the occasional guest post). It’s exactly 12 months to the day since I started writing here and the date seemed like a good time to go. I won’t bore you with a self indulgent retrospective; if you are interested in my reasons and thoughts I did a podcast with my old site The Blog Herald yesterday – listen… Read More

  • Central Desktop Takes $7 Million

    Central Desktop has taken a first round of $7 million from OpenView Venture Partners. Central Desktop offers a web-based SaaS collaboration platform that allows business teams of all sizes to work virtually and seamlessly online. Central Desktop is pitched as providing “the richest set-of-tools available for business users with ease-of-use at a price-point, leveling the playing field… Read More

  • Google Rips Down HuddleChat

    Google showcased HuddleChat, a real-time chat application, as one of many test applications (directory here) to show off their new Google App Engine platform last night. Some bloggers noted that the application was a rip off of Campfire, a 37Signals product. And 37Signals CEO Jason Fried used HuddleChat as a PR opportunity, telling ReadWriteWeb “We’re flattered Google thinks… Read More

  • 37Signals Down – Looks Like Rackspace Is To Blame Again

    37Signals is having a bad morning, according to their current home page image above. They’re pointing fingers at their service provider, which was (and we believe still is) Rackspace. Last November they suffered a three hour outage along with other Rackspace customers. Update: It’s back up, total outage was about 2 hours. Per the comments, 37Signals doesn’t seem super duper… Read More

  • 37Signals Drives Another Company To The DeadPool

    Ok, the title is a bit ridiculous. But 37Signals has been urging developers for years now to charge for their software, and attacking anyone who suggests a business can be made from giving that software away for free instead. Their model works for their own products, at least so far. But I believe they are responsible for influencing a number of startups to charge for products that were… Read More

  • 37Signals Launches HighRise Contact Manager

    37Signals has added an online contact manager to their online productivity suite. The new product, Highrise, to keep track of all the contacts you’ve inevitably made while drumming up clients for your Basecamp projects. The customer resource management (CRM) space is packed with a lot of big players, Salesforce and NetSuite being two of the largest. 37Signals is taking a more… Read More

  • Backpack adds calendar and voice notes

    37Signals, the poster child of consumer facing software as a service, is making another move that’s sure to please their customers and demonstrate again the advantages of hosted services over desktop-bound software. The popular personal productivity tool Backpack is now offering an online calendar with all paid Backpack plans. The the calendar page was just linked to the Upgrade page… Read More