• 43 million passwords hacked in Last.fm breach

    43 million passwords hacked in Last.fm breach

    Crikey: 43,570,999 user accounts were breached in a hack of Last.fm that occurred in March of 2012, according to a report from LeakedSource. Three months after the breach, in June of 2012, Last.fm issued the following statement:  “We are currently investigating the leak of some Last.fm user passwords. This follows recent password leaks on other sites, as well as information… Read More

  • Innovation: Where Can We Go From Here? A Lot Of Places, Actually

    Innovation: Where Can We Go From Here? A Lot Of Places, Actually

    Just when you think that we’ve innovated all that we can, something new comes along and completely blows our mind. It could be an advancement in hardware, software or just a new way of thinking of things. Humans are pretty resilient when it comes to thinking up new things to tinker with and making our lives easier. This year was pretty awesome when it comes to innovation, and not the… Read More

  • Twitter Releases Its 2012 Year In Review, And It’s An Immersive And Personal Experience

    Twitter Releases Its 2012 Year In Review, And It’s An Immersive And Personal Experience

    This is the time of year when most consumer-facing companies put out their “Year In Review”, which reflect upon what happened on its service during that particular year. It’s pretty straight-forward stuff usually, but Twitter is a different type of company. By different, I mean that very rarely do you find a company that can follow its user’s pulse and passion as closely… Read More

  • The Most Important Gadgets Of 2012

    The Most Important Gadgets Of 2012

    Rather than looking back (which I’m sure we will), I thought it would be nice to look forward to 2012 and beyond and note some of the gadgets that will change the world in the next few years. I’ve included mobile, gaming, and computing gadgets but I think 2012 will also be the year of Windows Phone, 3D printing, and fitness technology that actually makes a difference. I’m… Read More

  • These Hermes iPad 2 Cases Costs More Than An iPad 2

    First off, this is silly. $1,400 for an orange leather flap seems a bit dumb to me. Sure, the leather might be from some special barbwire-free cattle that only consumes organic alfalfa hand-picked by the finest Irish leprechauns. Who the hell cares? $1,400 can buy you a couple of houses here in Flint, MI — slumlord or 2 square feet of cow ass? But moreover, how the hell does the case work? Read More

  • Russian Government Computer To Run On Linux By 2015

    Tired of dealing with the legal hassles with Microsoft, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered that all government agencies will be running on open-source software by 2015. Russia has a rocky relationship at times with Microsoft, and started this whole process by first proclaiming that schools will run only open-source software, and now proclaiming that the government would follow suit. Read More

  • Next Star Trek date announced, with no director

    Time to save the date! Word is out that the sequel to the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie will be out on July 29th, 2012. What we don’t know as of yet is exactly who the director will be. That’s right, despite the fact that JJ Abrams pretty much made the Star Trek relaunch work through pure force of will, he will not be returning to direct. That’s a bit worrisome, considering… Read More

  • Analysts think you're going to want to buy a connected GPS in 5 years

    Analyst firm, Berg Insight, thinks that eighty-eight percent of all GPS units shipped in 2015 will have cellular connectivity. This seems like a blindingly obvious prediction to me. Read More

  • Why are we so attracted to disaster movies like 2012

    Here’s another topic I’m stealing from Ron and Fez: disaster movies. We sorta discussed this a few times already, but the movie 2012 broke all sorts of records at the weekend. I’d make a big stink about Americans having zero taste, but if I could make $80 zillion per movie sleeping through my lines like the cast of 2012 presumably did, you can guarantee I’d be right… Read More

  • NASA wants everyone to know the world will not end in 2012, m'kay?

    Listen, I don’t care if you heard it from John Cusack that the world will explode from a global apocalypse on December 21, 2012. He’s wrong and a bad actor. NASA, home of the smartest government employees, is going out of its way to inform everyone that they will still have to pay off those credit card bills in 2013. Sorry. Read More

  • From the Obvious Department: Scientist says 2012 will not be the end of the world.

    So we’re all in agreement: the movie 2012 is terrible, and we’d all be better off if it didn’t exist. What we should also acknowledge is that, no, the year 2012 will not, in and of itself, mean the death of mankind. Maybe we’ll blow ourselves up before then, but 2012 isn’t some magical year that you should all be afraid of. Read More

  • Remove the special effects from the 2012 trailer and this is what you get

    2012 will be a horribly, bad movie. This clever trailer proves that once you take out all the special effects, you’re simply left with John Cusack’s acting, which isn’t worth whatever the hell they are charging to see movies these days. Read More

  • Video: Watch this clip of 2012. (Hint: It's terrible)

    Pardon my French, but this is the biggest hunk of shit I have ever seen in my life. It’s a short clip from the upcoming movie 2012, which stars John Cusack (as if I know who that is!). Here’s why I hate it with every fiber of my being. 1. The contrived husband-wife relationship. “Oh honey, you’re just being silly.” The wife instantly dismisses Cusack without… Read More

  • New consoles “more likely” in 2012

    An analyst from Lazard Capital Markets laid down a pretty safe bet in an investor note today by stating, At this point, we believe the consensus opinion among industry professionals is that the next significant hardware refresh is unlikely to occur before 2011, and more likely in 2012. Read More

  • 2012: the year Blu-Ray will overcome DVD sales

    Make no mistake, Blu-Ray is making headway, but the fact is that people will do everything they can to extend the life of their old collection. I know I’m pretty attached to my special editions of Fight Club, Rushmore and Jin-Roh, and like most people I don’t feel like shelling out for a new version which may or may not look that much better depending on how picky you are. But… Read More