Elon Musk’s pivotal China visit: diplomacy, supply chain, and beyond

On Tuesday, Elon Musk commenced his high-stakes visit to China, marking his first since before the COVID-19 pandemic. In an era of decoupling, the Tesla CEO stands out as one of the very few Silicon V

How SeaTable navigates the China backlash as it goes West

Chinese startups aspiring to make it big in the West now face a major hurdle: their connections to home. The scrutiny faced by TikTok in the U.S. over its management structure and data practices is a

China bans Micron chips in key infrastructure over ‘national security’ risks

China has banned some sales of Micron products after launching a probe into the American memory chip giant for cybersecurity risks in early April. The decision is widely seen as part of the tit-for-ta

Alibaba to spin off its cloud, AI and business messenger unit

Seven weeks after Alibaba announced its historic restructuring plan to split itself into six independent companies, the juggernaut is gearing up to spin off its intelligence group. Alibaba went public

Beijing calls on cloud providers to support AI firms

As large language models from Western tech firms show the potential to disrupt everything from marketing to teaching to coding, China is rushing to cultivate its home-grown AI pioneers by stepping up

‘Midjourney China’ launches — then its announcement disappears

After igniting a global obsession over generative art, ten-month-old Midjourney appears to be entering the Middle Kingdom, the world’s largest internet market. In an article posted on the Tencen

Alibaba’s autonomous driving lab to focus more on monetization

Alibaba founded Damo Academy in 2017 to carve out a program focused on cutting-edge research that is relatively free of short-term money-making pressure. One of the Academy’s 16 labs conducts re

China has its DrakeGPT moment as AI singer goes viral

Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun has gone viral on Bilibili, China’s largest user-generated video streaming site. But the sudden revival of interest in Sun, who hasn’t released an album since

LinkedIn cuts 716 jobs as it phases out its China app

LinkedIn is cutting 716 jobs and will begin phasing out its local jobs app in China. In a letter today, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky said the decision to shutter the standalone China app, called InCare

NFT spinoff from newspaper SCMP gets funded to tokenize historical artifacts

When an NFT series commemorating the handover of Hong Kong from the U.K. to China generated $260,000 in sales, Artifact Labs, the startup that launched the collection, saw the long-term potential of t

As the US cracks down on crypto, Hong Kong extends a warm welcome

On a balmy day in mid-April, thousands of people queued in line to enter the Hong Kong Convention Center where the city’s inaugural web3 festival was underway. Most had flown in from mainland Ch

China’s central bank digital currency takes a bigger place on WeChat’s platform

For the last few years, China’s central bank has been trying to ramp up the adoption of digital yuan, or e-CNY, which forms part of the country’s monetary base, M0. The bank has a designat

Tesla expands non-Tesla Supercharger access to China

Certain non-Tesla vehicles in China can now charge at selected Superchargers, the company said Tuesday. The expanded access will also be available at certain destination charging points, which are wal

AI assistants come to Alibaba and a16z-backed Cider

The generative AI world is evolving so rapidly that every few days we see startups rolling out new applications powered by large language models (LLMs). The latest attempt to monetize artificial intel

Now valued at $500M, Cosmose ditches Stripe to adopt Near’s crypto solution

For all the investment speculation and hype, cryptocurrency has so far struggled to find meaningful use cases. Now there’s some effort from Singapore to turn the general public into crypto adopt

Volkswagen pumps 1B euros into China electric vehicle center

Auto Shanghai, which is underway this week, is a yearly opportunity for carmakers and auto suppliers to flex their muscles and show their commitment to China, the world’s largest auto market. At

The Polestar 4 replaces a rear window with a hi-def screen

Polestar introduced the Polestar 4, the second SUV in its lineup, at Auto Shanghai 2023. Actually, it’s technically an SUV coupé, meaning it has the space and four doors of an SUV, but the slop

Chinese luxury EV brand Zeekr will expand to Europe by end of 2023

Zeekr, the premium electric vehicle brand under China’s Geely Automobile Holdings, has confirmed plans to expand into Europe this year. The company will begin selling its Zeekr 001 luxury shooti

Shein and Temu the latest China tech targets in Congress body’s sights

As the U.S. becomes increasingly wary of China’s growing influence on the Western tech stage, internet platforms from TikTok to Shein are finding themselves in Washington’s sights. As a Ch

XPeng’s G6 SUV aims to be a premium EV for the masses

Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng debuted its G6 coupe SUV, the fifth car in its lineup, at Auto Shanghai Tuesday. The company is marketing the G6 vehicle as a premium EV but without the premium pr
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