• AirPods and the rise of snackable audio

    AirPods and the rise of snackable audio

    In just 30 seconds, you can enjoyably consume a viral video or a few Facebook stories. But until now, the shortest thing you could typically listen to was a three minute song, especially when you factor in the time to get your headphones untangled, on, and playing. Hearing anything shorter was more trouble than it was worth. Yet with wireless earbuds going mainstream thanks to the unveiling… Read More

  • A view on VC from a realistic optimist Crunch Network

    A view on VC from a realistic optimist

    During the last year there has been considerable discussion regarding the current state of the venture capital industry: Are we in a bubble? Did that bubble pop? Why has there been a dearth of major technology company IPOs? How much higher can valuations skyrocket, yet why does it seem increasingly difficult for earlier stage startups to raise their Series A and B rounds? Read More

  • Courage.


    Phil Schiller today caused the largest collective eyeroll in the history of the world with his explanation of why Apple was leaving the 3.5mm analog audio jack behind. “It comes down to one thing: Courage.” Read More

  • Growing up in Generation AI Crunch Network

    Growing up in Generation AI

    Imagine a five-year-old watching Mum talking to Siri, and Dad talking to Alexa, on a daily basis — what must she think of such interactions? Children nowadays witness computers that seem like they have a mind of their own — and even a personality with which to engage. It can be taken for granted that their perception of machines, and thus of the world itself, differs a lot from… Read More

  • We’re at peak complexity — and it sucks Crunch Network

    We’re at peak complexity — and it sucks

    Virtually all companies are doing digital transformation wrong. We’re placing it around the edge, keeping it at arm’s length, like it’s a problem and not an opportunity. If companies are to succeed, we need to rebuild around what’s possible, with the greatest toolkit we’ve ever seen. Read More

  • Cinemapocalypse Now? Crunch Network

    Cinemapocalypse Now?

    Let’s talk box office! Because it’s one of my pet obsessions; I’ve long been curious how the rise of new entertainment tech (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Pokémon Go) will impact movies, our oldest and most storied cultural commons. And because I was trawling through Box Office Mojo’s numbers, as you do, and happened to stumble across something which makes me fear for… Read More

  • The dream of the Courier lives on, but it’s still a dream

    The dream of the Courier lives on, but it’s still a dream

    Oh yes, young feller, that there Yoga Book sure is something. But why don’t you just set a while an’ listen to the stories of an old blogger. ‘Twas back in the old days — before the millennials took over. That’d be 2009 or so. Longer than most remember these days. Let me ask ya something, m’boy. Ever hear tell of a Courier? Read More

  • Tech and Trump Crunch Network

    Tech and Trump

    I won’t insult your intelligence by pretending to be unbiased. I think exactly what you’d expect a Canadian who lives in San Francisco to think: how could anyone with a reasonable command of the available evidence even consider voting for Donald Trump? …But my search for an answer has led me to the uncomfortable sense that the tech industry is partly responsible for… Read More

  • Tech and the presidential race Crunch Network

    Tech and the presidential race

    For presidential nominee Donald Trump, the importance of articulating a vision for the tech industry seems to be lost. While nominee Hillary Clinton released a comprehensive technology policy platform that should excite software developers, Mr. Trump doesn’t pay much attention to our industry’s concerns and is, frankly, on the wrong side of many of the most important issues facing… Read More

  • Ads are bad, and also terrible Crunch Network

    Ads are bad, and also terrible

    Every so often, I find myself forced to use the Web on a browser without uBlock or an equivalent; and every time, I think to myself “How do people live like this?” The un-ad-blocked web is a miserable cesspool of autoplaying video and hysterical calls to action, slow to load, hard to look at. It’s even worse on your phone, where ads devour your battery life and up to 75% of… Read More

  • Jobless in the self-driving economy

    Jobless in the self-driving economy

    Uber’s self-driving cars will hit the road this month, earlier than anticipated. That’s an exciting surprise…unless of course you’re a driver. They won’t be the only ones affected, though. The consequences of robot-induced unemployment could eventually ripple through the rest of the economy. What will happen to Uber’s 1 million drivers? And the 3.5… Read More

  • Peter Thiel’s moral sleight of hand

    Peter Thiel’s moral sleight of hand

    Earlier today, we started seeing rumblings about a New York Times op-ed from famed entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel — an op-ed where he’d lay out the case against Gawker. Thiel, of course, quietly poured $10 million into the lawsuit by Terry Bollea, a.k.a. Hulk Hogan, which bankrupted Gawker Media. Thiel’s financial involvement wasn’t revealed until after… Read More

  • It’s time to publicly shame United Airlines’ so-called online security Crunch Network

    It’s time to publicly shame United Airlines’ so-called online security

    Dear executives of United Airlines, I have some advice for you. 1: Fire whoever is in charge of your online security. 2: Burn down the building in which they worked; it may be tainted. 3: Salt the ground so nothing ever grows there again, to be safe. 4: Hire somebody competent who will not infuriate your users while simultaneously compromising their security. Read More