Our 7 Favorite Companies From The 500 Startups Batch 15 Demo Day

Despite an investment environment that’s future seems to be growing increasingly cloudy, the 35 accelerator founders who pitched at Tuesday’s 500 Startups Batch 15 Demo Day brought the excitement.

We descended on the Computer History Museum in Mountain View to take a look at the latest #500strong portfolio companies. After the team harkened the event with a cringingly unapologetic rendition of Rihanna’s classic “Pitch better get me money,” founders took to the stage and pitched their hearts out, rattling off figures relating to month-over-month growth, market penetration, run rates and customer acquisition costs. The cash-hungry founders had just two minutes to wow the audience of investors and prove their worth.

Some solve real world problems, some solve “silicon valley” problems, and some left us unsure of what they actually even do. Here are the seven startups we left the demo day most excited about.