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  • WSJ Discovers Twitter, Buttocks in Dark Sans Flashlight

    Good morning, Farnsworth. Up bright and early, I see. I say, old chap, have you seen this latest computer system? It’s called Twittle, I believe. A, here it is in the Journal. Yes. Twitter. How much do we have available in the Mad Money fund? 45 million? Let’s put a pinch of that into this company. It seems the kids just love it. What does it do? Well, the children go to the… Read More

  • Transmit TV Signals Through Electrical Wires

    A mighty German company has figured out a way to transmit television signals through the same wires that handle electricity. Devolvo demoed its creation a CeBIT, though for now the technology can only transmit one TV signal at a time. The technology is still in its infancy (even though companies have had ways to share a network connection via the very same wires for a while now) and uses IP… Read More

  • A PC That Rolls Off the Tip of Your Desk

    This green orb contains a computer with a VIA EPIA Mini-ITX motherboard, 40GB hard drive and 200W power supply. Called the Ball PC System, the sphere opens up when the user needs access to the DVD drive. It comes in two colors: silver and green. The computer looks quite stylish, and I’m a bit amused that it’s suspended in a plastic base, mainly because it could potentially roll… Read More

  • Samsung UbiSync USB Monitor

    The Samsung USB monitor we told you about some time ago is at CeBIT and it’s way better than we thought. It was reported that only three to five peripherals would work from one USB port, but it’s been confirmed that six is actually the number. A Samsung rep stated that a setup with 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor running at 2GHz could easily support six monitors. There was no… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Elevation Edition

    Japanese Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster: Exactly What It Sounds Like
    Pantech Maglev Floats And Amazes…I Think
    Griffin Radio Shark 2: Like TiVo For Radio, Now Better Sound Quality
    Limewire Will Make A Mess Of Your iTunes
    Fabrix 2007 Case Lineup Read More

  • Cingular Unlocks Blackjack for Free

    Searching around on the Web, I’ve found a lot of sites that will charge you between $25 and $35 to unlock your Samsung i607 Blackjack. However, I came across a post describing how to get your phone unlocked for free via Cingular. I decided to try it, since I’m legitimately headed to Europe this summer and need to unlock my phone. I couldn’t find much on the Web about it, so… Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Entry #3: Bloops!

    . It came out of no where. There are no signs. You and your love have spent every day together, mornings…evenings…you can’t keep your hands off. Then suddenly life decides to play bitch for a day. You wake up one morning, do your daily routine and then BAM! They are gone. No signs, no warnings. I can’t help but feel completely responsible for what happened. Life… Read More

  • iTMS Getting "Live from Las Vegas" Concerts

    Perhaps you heard back in 2006 that the Palms resort and casino was opening up an $80 million concert theater decked out with state of the art equipment. Now that the theater/hall/whatever is open, Palms is ready to cash in by recording each concert and offering it on the iTunes Music Store. The first show will be March 17th featuring Evanescence and will feature extra songs… Read More

  • Polk Audio’s iPod Dock

    Are there are any speaker companies out there that haven’t jumped on the iPod bandwagon? Of course considering the number of iPods on the market, it is understandable why companies such as Polk Audio would want to cash in. And while many of the docking stations out there are just plain terrible, their new RadioShack exclusive MiDock10 ($199) – get it “My Dock”… Read More

  • Linksys KiSS 1600 Wireless Media Hub

    Introduced today at CeBIT is the Linksys KiSS 1600 wireless media hub. This is a must-have media device that can stream all sorts of digital content including HD video to your TV through the internet or any other device set up on your network. The KiSS replaces your DVD player because it will upscale your entire DVD collection to 720p through HDMI. Most of the specs are still unknown, but it… Read More

  • LG's Prada Phone Unboxed: It's Real, It's Hot

    Thanks to T3, the UK gadget site that likes to exhibit half-naked girls with its gear, we’ve got a peek at a sexy unboxing of the Prada phone. For those not in the know, the Prada is LG’s $775 iPhone contender with style to spare, but it’s always been shrouded in whispers of vaporware or self-inflicted hubris. It is indeed real, as the above video demonstrates. If… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Debuts Cameraphone Accessory Kit

    One thing we like about Sony-Ericsson’s phones is how the company has split them neatly into two distinct categories: musicphones and cameraphones. Unlike other phone makers, the music-listening and picture-taking aspects of SE’s phones aren’t half-assed attempts, it uses real Walkman tech for the musicphones, and real Cybershot tech for the cameraphones. Something long… Read More

  • Japanese Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster: Exactly What It Sounds Like

    I recall being on a field trip in DC as a kid and seeing some exhibit at the Smithsonian with similar physics, and at the time the thought in my mind was “no way in hell I’m getting on that.” My sentiments here echo those of my youth. It’s a roller coaster with cars you pedal. No, really. The green ride has carts on a track that are propelled by the people who ride in them. Read More

  • Pantech Maglev Floats And Amazes…I Think

    Amidst the recent and much needed surge of mobile phones shedding weight. Pantech hopes to stand out with their newest phone that employs magnetic levitation. Maglev, as it’s called, basically allows an object to hover over another object without any physical contact and is held in place by the magnetic fields. Most slider phones are designed with springs, which make them fatty and… Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Contest Reminder

    Hello, kiddies… welcome to the Crypt of Laptop Horror Stories (TM). You have until next Monday, 12pm EST, to send me your worst laptop horror stories — how your laptop fell into a toilet, how your Gateway exploded on your granny’s lap — and you could win one of three beautiful prizes. Koss Cobalt Bluetooth Headphones One of two RhinoSkin 13″ MacBook Cases in Black… Read More

  • Griffin Radio Shark 2: Like TiVo For Radio, Now Better Sound Quality

    Griffin’s radio Shark, a TiVo-like device that records AM/FM radio onto your computer’s hard drive, has been ever so slightly updated and is now the Radio Shark 2. An included antenna and improved radio chip — which should lead to better sound quality, natch — are the reasons they’re calling this “2” as opposed to “a new Radio Shark.”… Read More

  • TiVo Remote Scheduling Launches On Verizon

    Finally! God knows TiVo owners have wanted to record shows remotely for the longest time and now, thanks to Verizon Wireless, it’s completely possible. A downloadable app is available for Verizon customers who also own a Series 2 or Series 3 TiVo box and want to record shows while on the go. All “Get It Now” phones are compatible with the service, including favorites like… Read More

  • GrandCentral: Replace Your Many Phone Numbers With Just One

    GrandCentral aims to solve the problem of having too many phone numbers. You’ve got your home phone number, the cell, the office, the other cell, etc. Surely this is madness, right? GrandCentral, which is in the final stages of beta testing, replaces all those phone numbers with a single, unified one. (The New York Times’ David Pogue calls it a “uninumber.” Genius.)… Read More

  • Limewire Will Make A Mess Of Your iTunes

    Apparently you can still complain about a program used for the sole purpose of pirating when it goes and breaks your iTunes library. Lately, a conflict has been discovered between Limewire and iTunes 7.1. If you have the P2P program set to automatically add songs to iTunes, your library is gonna go bye-bye. A gentleman who works at an Apple service center had this to say: I work at [an… Read More

  • Google To Viacom: "Yeah, whatever dude"

    After Viacom sued YouTube/Google for 1 billion bucks, we all thought Google would be really screwed. Well apparently the tech-giant isn’t worrying much, saying that the DMCA justifies its actions and it’s not liable for jack. Sez Alexander Macgillivray from Google’s legal mumbojumbo department: “Here there is a law which is specifically designed to give Web hosts such… Read More