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  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…The Recap

    Just thought I’d milk CES for a couple more posts today. The first of which is this handy recap of my CES 2007 meetings. Here are all the links, and so you don’t have to wade through all the posts looking for specific companies, I’ve listed them out with the individual links. If there are any products that you’d really like us to get you more information on, please let… Read More

  • CompUSA Banks on Windows Vista or Money Back Guarantee

    If you’re one of the many who are interested by the idea of Windows Vista but are hesitant to take the $400+ plunge without back-up, then look to your local CompUSA for a safety net. The national computer retail chain is guaranteeing that you’ll love Windows Vista, or you get your money back. In addition, the techs will re-install your former OS free of charge if you’re… Read More

  • Vodafone Goes Virtual

    Not to be outdone by some rascally start-up called YouNeverCall, Vodafone has announced its plans to start selling in-game mobile phones for Second Life. If you can afford it, go for the Treo. A word to the wise: if you sign up for a 2-year contract in a virtual world, go ahead and cancel your real-life cell plan, you’re probably not going to be talking to anyone but your mom ever… Read More

  • Solar Flower: Double the Hippie Feel-Good Junk

    Here we are in 2007, a new year full of promise and heartfelt bliss, and I find this. It’s a Solar Night Flower. Sunlight charges it during the day, and the Solar Night Flower’s (SNF for short) fiber optic veins light up at night, giving the effect of a pretty daisy being electrocuted for the murder of another flower (it was a pansy). At least it’s not USB… Read More

  • Personal Rail Service Concepts

    Perhaps you live in a city with some abandoned trolley tracks near you. Or perhaps, you live in a suburban home near abandoned rail-road tracks. Either way, these concept ideas for personal rail transportation are genius. Imagine being able to take a ride down a set of tracks all by yourself. Some of the concepts are motorized, but others (such as the unique surfboard model) rely on… Read More

  • Black-Market Vista Hits the Streets in China for Less Than a Latte

    We all know that China cares very little for our silly copyright laws, and that is illustrated nicely with these black-market knock-offs of Windows Vista that have hit the streets of Beijing. Instead of paying $400 for a copy of the latest, resource-hungry version of Microsoft’s flagship product, you can get a “Frankenbuild” version on the street for less than $3… Read More

  • Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Interface

    Professional DJs know that in 2007, it now takes more than two Technics-1200s and a RANE mixer to get the job done at a high-roller nightclub (unless you’re Carl Cox). Native Instruments, maker of all music software elite, knows this too and showed off its new digital DJ interface at NAMM. The Audio 8 DJ interface comes with four RCA inputs and outputs, MIDI input/output, mic in and… Read More

  • Samsung: You Have Anorexia

    Samsung is at it again with the whole world’s thinnest phone shtick. Someone’s got weight issues. Read More

  • FOX Sweetens iTunes' "24" Season Pass With Remixes

    In case you were on the fence about whether or not to drop $45 for the Apple iTunes Season Pass for FOX’s “24” season 6, the two companies are offering up something extra to entice you: theme-song remixes. The deal is a first for Apple’s iTunes store and it has already started doling out one of the three planned remixes, done by Crystal Method. The DJ duo is also… Read More

  • Indianapolis Colts Release Laser-Rocket Armed Robot

    Looks like the Indianapolis Colts are breaking into the robotics industry. Last night, the team debuted its Peyton Manning humanoid robot. Standing 6’5″ and equipped with a laser-rocket arm, this machine designed to play football is able to make insane comebacks in the 2nd half of AFC championship games and flip Tom Brady the bird. No price or release date has been set, but… Read More

  • Scotty Pro Solar Power Charger

    If you’re the kind of guy who likes a camping trip every once in awhile, you’re probably content with leaving your iPod at home for a few days. But not me. If I have to go camping, I’m dragging my iPod, cellphone, Starbucks mug, and North Face gear all out to the wilderness with me along with my Wii. So when I saw the relatively-inexpensive Scotty Pro charger, I began to… Read More

  • HTC Titan In The Wild

    Check it. The picture you see is apparently the upcoming HTC Titan, the follow up to the HTC Apache. Yet another boring looking HTC device with a slide out keyboard, the Titan is rumored to carry EV-DO, 256MB of storage, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 2-megapixel camera. Not too shabby, but nothing too exciting here. Obviously if it drops in the US, Verizon or Sprint are bound to carry it. So keep a… Read More

  • Zune 2: Thinner, WiFi-ier

    Many of you were disappointed with the Zune, Microsoft’s WiFi-“enabled” not-an-iPod. The main let-down seems to be the ineffective utilization of the on-board wireless. There aren’t that many other Zune’s out there to share with, and even if there were, the wireless would most likely be off to conserve battery power. Even then, who wants a song for only three… Read More

  • Ultra-Bling Mouse Brings 800dpi, Young Jeezy

    Behold the holy testament to bling itself: the unostentatiously-named Ultra-Bling Mouse. If you want to live life like the dudes on MTV Cribs but still want to fly your geek flag high, then this is the mouse for you. It’s a three-button optical mouse with a ton of diamonds stuck in it that comes in red, white, or yellow gold. Yup. That’s it. Nothing extra-special going on… Read More

  • Cisco iPhone In Violation Of GPL

    A few days ago, I noticed some user on Digg pointing out that Cisco shouldn’t be suing Apple when Cisco is already violating terms of the GNU/GPL by using open source software (read: Linux) to power its iPhone WIP300 device. Today, Cisco has admitted that yes, it is indeed in violation but that it’s only “one issue”. One issue or not, you still screwed up Cisco and now… Read More

  • Business Week Picks Obvious 2007 Tech Stocks

    . It’s in the running for the most obvious article ever written on the subject. The verdict? Apple shows signs of slowing and you might want to watch two little companies called Microsoft and Google. Words cannot describe the irritation I feel at this moment. So please accept the below picture in lieu of my continued rant. Read More

  • Get a First Life

    I’ve oft questioned the existence of games and services like The Sims and Second Life. My argument is simple and unoriginal, why spend your time interacting with avatars when you could be interacting with real people. The presence of these things seem to me more a social retardant than the social incubator that they’re made out to be. Nevertheless, people are fanatical about them… Read More

  • Therapie Mood Lighting

    We all know that light affects ones mood. Make your room consistently like a dank cellar and you’re likely to morph into some nefarious Dick Cheney-like character. Lots of sunlight and such and its probable that you’ll experience a much more positive metamorphosis. For those of you who are stuck in the dank cellar, but would prefer not to end up sinister, then perhaps some mood… Read More

  • Ergopod 500: For the ComputerSloth in Your Life

    There are days when a setup like this seem pretty agreeable to me. Avoid the world! Stay in bed all day. The thought flits in-and-out, namely when Biggs yells at me, but in the end I typically summon the conclusion that something like this would be really bad for me. If, however, you’re disabled and unable to make use of a traditional desk then have a look at the Ergopod 500. There are… Read More

  • Canon EOS-40D Imminent?

    The page has since been taken down, but Canon Hong Kong earlier had a page up for the EOS-40D DSLR. While the page didn’t contain any details other than a header, it could mean that Canon is readying the much anticipated 40D for prime-time. Details of the 40D have been swimming since last September, when Canon responded to our blurb. According to that early speculation, the EOS-40D… Read More