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  • Google and Microsoft Working on Wireless Device?

    , we receive info that Microsoft is working in conjunction with Google, Dell, HP, Intel and Philips. A report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggests that the companies plan to submit a new will soon submit a prototype device to U.S. regulators for testing. The report goes on to claim that MS will be developing the prototype and the rest of the coalition’s involvement remains… Read More

  • LG and Yahoo! Partner

    LG and Yahoo! announced today that Yahoo! Go 2.0 service will begin shipping on LG’s mobile phones. The service is said to redefine the mobile Internet experience for users. With its unique design, users are able to personalize content and search efficiently with Yahoo!’s oneSearch function. The service also features Yahoo! Go widgets, personal channels for email, local… Read More

  • UNIEA Leather U-Suit for MacBook

    Designed to protect your precious, precious 13-inch MacBook, the U-Suit has a leather exterior and a hard-yet-lightweight ABS plastic material inside to protect your notebook from scrapes, bumps, dust and dirt. Because the shell is two separate pieces—one for the top, one for the bottom—all your ports, air vents and the optical drive remain accessible when the U-Suit is on. Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6 In Excruciating Detail

    I hate long video, but this was basically the only way to show you all what WinMo 6 would look like and include. Take a gander if you dare. The real meat is in the beginning, but it’s interesting to see all the improvements. Read More

  • Help Key: How to Set Up Surround Sound Speakers

    Anyone can put a boom box on the shelf and turn it on; but setting up a set of surround sound speakers, and getting the optimal audio fidelity takes a little more effort. Speakers are often considered the soul of your system, and generally 50% of your total budget should be spent on the speakers. The first thing to consider is the size of the room, followed by what you listen to the most. Are… Read More

  • LG Says Apple Copied Prada Phone

    Perhaps imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Woo-Young Kwak, who is the head of mobile handset R&D at LG, says that Apple’s iPhone is a complete copycat of the LG Prada phone. Kwak goes on to say that they stole the design after the Prada phone won the 2006 iF Design Award. What do I think? I think it’s a coincidence and Kwak is acting like a big baby. But with… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6: The Straight Dope

    What do we know about Windows Mobile 6? For starters, it’s coming to the T-Mobile Dash before it comes to anything else in the U.S. and it’s also coming to Cingular, but there is definitely no real information on which handsets will run it. Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Contest

    In celebration of our deep appreciation for the TeleNav service and in recognition of its continued global expansion (US, Canada, Brazil, China, Italy and more to come), we’re launching a contest that will be open to anyone within TeleNav’s service range. To enter, send an email to contest at crunchgear dot com explaining your best stories of directional retardation (use the… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8800 Gets Official

    We all knew it was coming, but RIM just pulled the curtain back on the BlackBerry 8800, AKA the Full-QWERTY Pearl. The latest offering in the super-slim ‘berries is a worthy successor to the Pearl (which was my favorite phone of all last year.) It comes loaded with a built-in GPS, microSD slot, a media player, high-contrast 320×240 display, quad-band GSM/GPRS, and EDGE. It’s… Read More

  • Remote Control Lawnmower

    When kids in the midwest get bored, shift happens. Terry decided that he’d like to mold a lawnmower, RC car and wheelchair into one machine to create a remote-control lawnmower. This is what every kid who’s 15 and trying to make a buck during the summer wants. Easy, no-hassle work. You can drive it around with the remote control from the RC car. I wonder if it still requires $100… Read More

  • Vodafone, Google Partner For Maps

    Vodafone customers might be getting a very welcome upgrade from Google. Today, Vodafone announced it has partnered with Google to develop a mapping service for the telecom provider. According to the deal, Google Maps for Vodafone will have easy-to-use maps, local listings, navigation and search. Says Frank Rovekamp of Vodafone: Vodafone sees Google Maps as a new milestone in the relationship… Read More

  • HP iPAQ 510: It Lives!

    Looks like HP resurrected its near-dead brand of PDAs. The new iPAQ 510 is a strange, yet slim phone device that runs Windows Mobile 6 and comes with features like Skype, EDGE, Wi-Fi and extended battery life. Despite packing some decent features, we still have no clue why HP would continue the iPAQ brand. Says Laptop Mag: The HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger is a solid phone for people who like… Read More

  • NeoNode: Little, Black, Different

    Got a chance to look at the NeoNode, an odd little device that is essentially a GSM cellphone designed solely for media. It has an optical touchscreen and runs Windows CE under a massively overhauled shell. It can play back video and music and is quite small, about 2 inches by 2 inches. No U.S. availability but it looks like it will hit Europe in May. I talked to the CEO of the company and… Read More

  • Toy Fair Doesn’t Mean Playtime

    It all sounds like a day filled with fun. The New York Javits Convention Center packed with toy companies from around the world. And truth be told, it should be fun. But it never is… maybe the Javits is built on an old Indian burial ground or something, and has cursed the world of toys. More likely it is the fact that toys are big business, and the late middle age men hawking their products… Read More

  • Lionsgate Comes To iTMS

    If you’ve been waiting for your fix of Swayze and Arnold, it’s finally time. Lionsgate films has released over 150 titles to the iTunes Music Store, including classics like Dirty Dancing and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. With over 10,000 films in its collection, Lionsgate will be slowly releasing more titles over the next few months. Movies will cost just $9.99 and come in… Read More

  • Motorola Q9 Hands On

    Where are Qs 2 through 8? I asked Motorola this and they weren’t quite sure. The Q9 is quite peppy – much faster than the Q1 — and will (unofficially) run WinMo 6. Read More

  • Motorola Z8 Hands On

    Got some quality time with the Z8. It’s quite similar to the RIZR but it has this little kink in it that folds it over when you open it. The OS, which is Symbian, is much improved over the standard RAZR garbage. Is this the phone to bring Moto out of their doldrums? Potentially. It’s interesting and improved enough to be contender. Read More

  • Circuit City Closing Up Shops

    I have to admit, this news isn’t as shocking as it should be to me. Circuit City has fewer stores than Best Buy in my area and they’re always empty. The electronics retailer says it’ll be closing eight stores in the US, 62 in Canada and a distribution center in Kentucky. The move comes as Circuit City tries to reduce costs among falling profits. About 270 employees total will… Read More

  • iPod Meets Cassette Deck

    When you’re rollin’ on dubs in your Yukon Denali, chances are you’ll want to blast the new Young Jeezy album you pirated off Bit Torrent and on to your iPod. User JPPadula off of CarDomain modded a cassette player in his car to allow riders to plug in iPods like cassettes. Slide the iPod in and it’ll connect via an embedded firewire cable. It even comes with a… Read More

  • Expensive NES Games/Shirts Hit eBay

    The Nintendo World Championship NES cartridge is one of the rarest and most sought after “games” for the Nintendo Entertainment System in existence. I’ve seen it around before but only at exorbitant prices. This eBay auction, though, doesn’t just include the incredibly rare cartridge—it comes with an OFFICIAL 1990 Powerfest t-shirt that really captures the look… Read More