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  • Daily Crunch: Basket of Goodies Edition

    Saitek’s High Tech Easter Basket
    Doctor Who Is Calling?
    Pink Zune Confirmed, Just in Time for the 61st Anniversary of the Pilbara Strike of Indigenous Australians
    Laptop Chiller Pads: Crave Finds The Coolest of the Cool Coolers
    OS X Leopard Still Not Ready, Programmers Still Figuring Out Linked Lists Read More

  • CG/CTIA Smack Down

    on their site. The site offers a limited number of products at a deep discount. The Smack Auction reduces the price over time, but only until supplies run out. If you don’t buy before they’re out, you’re stuck. The key is to time it and buy just before you hit that magic, hidden number. The fine folks at Jellyfish are planning to offer phones and laptops at a considerable… Read More

  • Saitek’s High Tech Easter Basket

    OK, Saitek isn’t actually releasing a high tech Easter Basket, but they did put together this one as part of a spring/Easter pitch. Their basket contains four of Saitek’s Notebook mice, which are available in orange, yellow, green and pink for $19.99 each, and they’re suggesting the mice as a gift or addition to your basket. It’s still 276 days until Christmas so… Read More

  • Apple TV is T3H 8om6

    To break the surly bonds of TiVo and touch the face of Jobs. Not to be a fawning Macindouche or anything, but Apple TV is seriously a kick-ass product. I got mine today after days of ceaseless waiting and I can unequivocally state that no matter what you say about DIY media centers and super hot XBox 360 video stuff, the Apple TV has those beat, especially for anyone with an iPod. Read More

  • Funky Downtimes

    Something is up with our MediaTemple server so you’re going to get intermittent outages today. I’m working with our crack team of Serbian Hackers/Interior Decorators to solve the mystery. Read More

  • Doctor Who Is Calling?

    During its heyday in the 1960s the UK was bombarded with all sorts of products related to the cult science fiction series Doctor Who. With a successful new series going strong – a third season is about to start next week – it is no wonder that a mini-wave of product tie-ins is being released. The latest include Doctor Who Phone Charms, which feature a miniature Tardis (forever stuck… Read More

  • Clocky: A Brief Video Review

    It’s Friday, it feels like Spring, and Clocky has invaded CrunchGear HQ (well, my place at least). Check out the above video for a humorous, informative review on one of the coolest alarm clocks of the century. If you want to read more about Clocky or purchase one, visit Read More

  • Fonality Trixbox Appliance: Telephony is Fun Again!

    I would totally consider the Fonality trixbox Appliance. I know we have some hardcore IT people in our audience, so check out this hot box of Asterisk-based IP-PBX open-source telephony action. The appliance comes loaded with Fonality’s trixbox software platform and is wrapped in an industrial-grade, rack-mountable server with dual hard drives and dual power supply redundancy options. Read More

  • Breaking News: RIAA Still Sucks, Schools Fighting Back

    I realize this might be hard to fathom, but guess what? The RIAA still sucks and is still wasting everyone’s time with file-sharing lawsuits. In fact, the RIAA apparently wasted too much time with the University of Nebraska and now the school is hitting back. U of N has sent the RIAA an invoice to the RIAA requesting that it reimburse the university for all the expenses it’s… Read More

  • Greedy Media Companies Sue Network DVR Concept Into Oblivion

    A lawsuit filed by a bunch of faceless, money grubbing entertainment companies has killed the network DVR before it even made its debut. New York’s Cablevision had wanted to introduce a digital video recorder that, instead of locally storing content on a hard drive, would store everything on Cablevision’s servers somewhere out there. The complaining companies, which include… Read More

  • Hackers Hack Hacked Apple TV to Play DivX

    What if I told you that somewhere on this island there’s a very small box that can play DivX video? Clever clever hackers! Some clever folks have opened up their Apple TVs, taken out the hard drive, and installed an SSH client as well as some video playing codecs. The result? An Apple TV that plays DivX, albeit with some difficulty. They’ve also discovered that the device runs… Read More

  • See? I Told You The PS3 Is The Best Console Ever!

    Oh wait. What’s that noise? Is that the sound of Nintendo Wii owners whining and pouting? My goodness! Keep it down! Just because 100 lucky people who lined up to get a PS3 got a free 45-inch Sony Bravia LCD TV doesn’t mean you should be poor sports. I mean, doesn’t the Wii come with like a wrist-strap or something cool like that? But all fun and games aside, 100 people… Read More

  • OS X Leopard Still Not Ready, Programmers Still Figuring Out Linked Lists

    Poor Leopard. Even though everyone is all excited that the new OS X version will launch this April, the rumor tree is budding with grumblings that it won’t be available for a long time and that the programmers themselves are sick of being pushed by Apple’s evil Persian sword-armed team lead. To those who say that Leopard is ready to go and that people are just lying, the Apple… Read More

  • Pink Zune Confirmed, Just in Time for the 61st Anniversary of the Pilbara Strike of Indigenous Australians

    All your dreams, My Little Pony Fans, have come to fruition. What better way to prove that you and Butterscotch really like your tunes than with a fancy pink Zune for $249 from EB Games. ClicZune dug up the news by apparently visiting the EB Games site, which is definitely a sly bit of newsgathering, and discovered the Pink Zune should drop on May 1, 2007. The Pink Zune, or Pinkie, is a… Read More

  • CrunchGear Tips for Airplane Trips

    Booking flights is one of the most depressing parts of traveling. Those big adventure plans always seem great until you see how much it’s going to cost. But all is not lost. There are several ways to significantly reduce your airline expenditures. And fortunately for you, we’re familiar with more than a few ways to help you realize that goal. Read More

  • Laptop Chiller Pads: Crave Finds The Coolest of the Cool Coolers

    The key to laptops is that they go on top of your lap, thus the name. But as they get more powerful, they get hotter, and anyone who’s spent a good deal of time with a MacBook Pro on their thighs will tell you, it’s not fun. Because of this, laptop coolers have become something of a full-fledged product category, with many manufacturers trying many different ways to keep your… Read More

  • The AudioFile: The Record Shop of the Future

    Ever since Tower Records closed its doors for good late last year, I’ve been wondering about what record stores are going to be like in, say, 10 years’ time. Will they be nothing more than rooms full of self-serve digital music kiosks? People are buying digital music online in droves, and there’s only growth in sight as broadband penetration [eeeww] marches on and new… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Night Visitors Edition

    Proporta Releases Wireless FM Stereo Transmitter
    Have You Found The Easter Eggs In Google Homepages?
    Shooting the Messenger (If the Message is “Wake Up, Jerk”); or, the Glock Clock
    CD Sales Down 20% From 2006
    CG Surfer Edition: Reef Sandals Stash Your Booze And Bills Read More

  • Apple TV's Guts On Display

    So Apple TV is finally out. Is it just us, or did it cause less of a stir than we thought it would? The general consensus is a qualified “Meh,” which we concur with. Does it suck? No. Does it rock? No. It just is, it’s a box that does what it does, and we suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. But what if it’s cooler than Apple is letting on? The Apple TV is like… Read More

  • Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Winner Part Deux

    We have our second winner! After poring through the comments from the past 24 hours, we’ve settled upon one commenter who tickled us beyond the rest. Could it be you? Maybe…. Read More