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  • Web Services Help Heal Your Pain: Ring Exchange

    Are you done with her? Did she make that “snort snort” noise in the bathroom one too many times? Is her hair slightly off-color and won’t match your new speakers? Does she want to talk about your “cheating” again? Well, drop her like a bad habit and resell her engagement ring at a tidy profit. Yes, friends, the Internet has finally found a way to turn heartache… Read More

  • Sign Up for Sling on PalmOS

    Sling Media now is accepting beta applications for the PalmOS. The requirements are that you have a Treo 700p (or in some cases, a Treo 680, Palm TX, or Treo 650), a Sling Box and an unlimited data plan. The application is long (it takes about 10 minutes to complete) and the first wave of tests will begin Feb. 5. Watch out for the disclaimer: Sling Media can’t be held responsible for… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, TechCrunch France

    Ouriel Ohayon, editor of TC France, is celebrating his site’s 1st birthday today and had his readers create some excellent celebratory logos. We don’t often highlight the other members of the esteemed TC family, but Ouriel is doing a bang-up job and now that his site is on to solid foods and is almost walking, we’re just tickled. TechCrunch France Read More

  • Make Your PC Look Like Wii

    Someone with too much time on his hands and not enough money to buy the Nintendo Wii decided to remake the look and feel of the OS on his computer. The results are pretty astonishing, especially the video of the Wiimote being used in conjunction with the screen. Now if he can only get it to play Wii games :-p. The fake OS also is available for download. Wii OS [via Digg] Read More

  • Nokia RM-230: Maybe

    The 3GSM Conference is just around the corner and Nokia recently submitted what seems to be a swiveling music phone with the FCC. We’re not too sure what series this phone will fall under but it seems it will be the successor to the 3250 but we won’t know for sure until March 16 when the confidentiality request will expire, or at 3GSM. According to Phone Arena the new Nokia will… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: LonelySquid15 Edition

    I’m Almost Ready for My Close-Up (Sleepy Thoughts on Video You Didn’t Demand)
    Philipp Goedicke Now Vista’s out. It’s great [1]. Or trash [2].
    New Shuffles hit the floor [3-5].
    But YouTube beckons with some cash [6]. Wake up, you’re on in four. [7] Show off new products from all sides,
    Tell others what you see [8-13].
    If you made it, beam with pride [14]. Wake… Read More

  • From the Peanut Gallery: I Need A Laptop

    The more I write about gadgets and electronics, the more I realize how frequently my opinions can be wrong. Often times I base my ideas on sound analysis and statistics and I still end up wrong. That’s why I’m going to ask you all for help on something. I’m currently in the market for a laptop. Discouraged by my past two lackluster Powerbooks, I’ve decided to stop… Read More

  • Super Bowl XLI Commercial Coverage

    . Hickey is sitting at the 30 yard line of the Big Game at our favorite watering hole in Seattle, the Twilight Exit. And I’m sitting in my room staring blankly at the television from bed with my broke ass Powerbook sputtering toward death. We all know that the Superbowl is chock full of the most innovative and geektastic commercials of the year, so we will be live blogging our thoughts… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Superbowl Edition

    We’ve got a few inventive thoughts rolling into the Super Bowl weekend: Read More

  • Superbowl 2007: Beatles Come to iTunes?

    While you’re hunkered down in your home theater, HD turned to the big game, watch for a commercial by Apple. The company formerly known as Apple Computer has reserved a 30-second spot to run in the first half. While details are clouded in Apple secrecy, it means they’re also glossed in Apple rumors, the juiciest being that the ad will be a way for Apple to announce a deal to sell… Read More

  • Apple Recommends Against Vista, For Now

    If you’re an iTunes PC user, Apple has a simple bit of advice for you: Don’t upgrade to vista yet. The company has cited several compatibility issues that might arise when users attempt to use the popular music player with Windows Vista. Among these problems are issues that would prevent users from playing purchased music or video, synchronizing contacts and calendar, and… Read More

  • Kensington VoIP Phone Melts in Your Hand

    The Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone is a neat little device that fits and charges in the PCMIA slot of your laptop. It can be used to make calls over VoIP services like Skype, MSN and Google Talk. The phone has three hours of talk time and 30 hours of standby time, and also blinks when you have 10 minutes of talk time left. The fold-out design is particularly cool. Unfortunately… Read More

  • Paging Dr. iPod

    A bit old in the blogosphere, but still a goodie, the $500 Thinklabs ds32a Digital Stethoscope comes with a 2GB iPod Nano and special recording attachment that allows you to record the sweet beats of your patient’s heart. The stethoscope technically will work with any recording device that has line-in or mic inputs. However, Thinklabs prefers the iPod Nano because of it’s interface… Read More

  • Unofficial Wii Commercial

    This is one of the better commercials I’ve seen for a gaming system and it wasn’t even made by Nintendo, nor is it in any way official. Created at CGI house Super 78 during “down time,” it’s a perfect blend of impressive CG and tongue-in-cheek humor. If I were Nintendo, I’d get a hold of the creators and put it on TV ASAP. Some might consider it a little… Read More

  • Under the Hood With ScanGauge

    The New York Times has a cool article about gadgets under $200 that can be hooked up to the OBD II port of your car. The displays provide efficiency readouts or notify you if you’re speeding. The ScanGauge II is particularly cool, because it will tell you how many miles per gallon you’re getting based on your driving behavior. It reminds me of the information I saw on the in-dash… Read More

  • Wii Wii Sunday Part Deux

    Jeremy over at Digitalsomething got his hands on a Toys “R” Us ad for an upcoming sale next sunday that includes Wii’s. If you’re still looking to pick up one up then be sure to camp out at your nearest Toys “R” Us so you don’t get left behind…again. Wii Wii [Digitalsomething] Read More

  • Radio.Blog.Club Now Accessible through Wii

    I haven’t touched a Wii since Nov. Back then the network stuff was not yet functional. It was a letdown for me that left a hole in the system’s appeal. Now with Nintendo now rolling out Online features, the Wii is becoming more-and-more desirable. Nintendo has launched its news and weather channels and the Opera browser is now functional. We’re beginning to see the… Read More

  • Toasty Ears For Your iPod

    Before I moved to NYC from the Midwest, I never had to spend large amounts of time outside during the winter. But the era of jumping from one warm place to another warm place is over. Without a car in the Big Apple, all the extra walking requires that I stay warm and somewhat entertained. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tennis, Anyone? Edition

    Tivoli Table Stereo for Audiophiles
    Conan Whips Serena In Wii Tennis
    V Moda Updates Vibe Earbuds For V-Day
    LG And Moto Barf Up V-Day Phones
    DIY Aqua Teen LED T-Shirt Read More

  • Verizon Drops Low-End Clamshell Windows Mobile Smartphone

    , the average-looking flip phone has access to your Exchange server, the ability to read Office documents from your corporate network, and all the other (hard-to-use) goodness of WinMo: Smartphone Edition. Besides rocking the MS OS, the VZN clamshell features a 1.3-Megapixel cam with flash (nice!), Bluetooth, and EV-DO. In addition, you get a microSD card slot for music. Since the WinMo comes… Read More