Blizzard Employee Lets Kid Design Game

Next time you load up World of Warcraft, you may have a newfound understanding for all those players running around trying to get gear. Blizzard employee Rob Pardo watches his 7-year-old daughter play

iPhone Research: Who Exactly Will Wait In Line For One?

Professional researchers (that is, not fake ones like us) put together a little survey to see just who would be willing to wait in line for an iPhone come June 29. Not surprisingly, you’ll see a

GameStop Offering Limited Edition Halo 3 Accessories

Want to be that kid? Ya know, the kid who reserved Halo 3: Legendary Edition and paid for it in full to ensure that he would be the first one on the block with it. Oh, you do? Then you’ll be hap

BitPim Hits Version 1.0: Use It To Add Wacky Ring Tones and Modify Other Cellphone Data

Here’s a smart little piece of open source software to start your Wednesday. BitPim is used to modify CDMA cellphone data—you know, things like ring tones, wallpaper, address books, alert

A Sad, Sad Day In Science

I awoke this morning refreshed, ready to work and take on the day. As I sat down and browsed the news, my heart began to sink. I discovered that Mr. Wizard had died. Yes, my beloved Mr. Wizard, whose

PatentMonkey: USB Integrated Antenna on Cell Phone

Smart, simple and marketable. Samsung’s male adapter USB antenna for a cell phone is all of these things, yet, it is a feature not easily found. No losing a cord to charge my cell phone on the r

CrunchGear Explains Your New AIM Friends

At some point in the late morning, I woke up. I do that sometimes. I try to at least once a day. And, as I normally do when I wake, I opened my laptop to get to work. I’m a Mac user, so I use iC

CrunchArcade: Pedal to the Metal

A sad yet simple fact of life is that most of us won’t ever own, let alone drive, a Ferrari or Porsche. That doesn’t keep us from feeling the need for speed, and wanting to floor it while behind t

Daily Crunch: Etched Edition

Lebron Becomes Etch-A-Sketch Art Viral Marketing How-To-Not: Sony Need Laughs? Mega64 DVD Out In July Teen Stabs PS3 Burglar With Samurai Sword WiFi Equipped SD Cards

Happy Birthday, TechCrunch

Our godfather site, TechCrunch, is two years old and we here at CG want to thank Don Arringtono for making this one of the best ALMOST years — we’re one in August — of our lives. We

Active Crystals: Philips and Swarovski Mashup

We briefly take you away from your gadget-obsessed world to show you something new: these are called girls. You should find them outside your mom’s basement. Now back to your Xbox. Oh and they&#

Reef Babes On All Your Gadgets

Reef is an innovative company in the world of flip-flops and now they’re getting into the Skins business. Yeah, I know, it’s 2007, but people are always looking for the hottest skins out there and

Samsung Shipping 1TB HDD

The Samsung we’ve all grown to love is making a strong push to put a foothold into the HDD market with a 1TB drive that is far more superior then anything else available. Poppycock, you say? Not at

Apple To Support HD DVD in Leopard?

Could Apple be throwing its support behind both Blu-ray and HD DVD? We already know that Apple is a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, but according to a WWDC attendee’s post on the Mac Rum

Lebron Becomes Etch-A-Sketch Art

Excited that the NBA Finals are finally here? I’m not, but that’s ok. It’s always a blast to watch LeBron pull off sweet moves. To celebrate Cleveland making it to the finals, the te

Viral Marketing How-To-Not: Sony

SCENE: Two Sony marketing folks in a conference room. One is languidly stroking a PS3. “Hey, Frank. We need to make some viral video. You know, to support Blu-Ray.” “I hear the direc

Need Laughs? Mega64 DVD Out In July

Anyone who plays video games must check out the team over at Mega64. These guys have been making hilarious video game skits for years with an incredible sense of humor. Now, instead of browsing their

SureFire Titan Flashlight

The SureFire Titan is an LED flashlight that packs a blinding wallop. This tiny device features a variable-output LED that allows you to select light inputs between one and 30 lumens. To top that off,

Unlocked iPhones Being Prepped

Pure Mobile — don’t bother, the site is down — is claiming that they’ll have unlocked iPhone’s for sale, but I call complete BS on this. If the reports are true and only four mil

Wibree Joins The Bluetooth Family

Bluetooth expands its realm of awesomeness with the inclusion of Nokia’s Wibree. The Wibree technology will now become the ultra low power Bluetooth spec. This in turn will boost Bluetooth’s Perso
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