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  • Wii Has No GamerTags, Chance of Gaining Ground in Online Play

    According to a young man who calls himself the FalafelKid — ah, journalism in 2007 — the Wii will have no unified gamertags for online play. This means that your buddies in Mario E Revolution: Mario Hits Ibiza won’t be able to find you in Unresponsive Racing Game GT. Falafelkid: Just one last question to make absolutely sure I have got this right, please. If I have a… Read More

  • Novatel V740 Rev A ExpressCard Brings The Speed (For A Price)

    Due out of the end of March is the Novatel V740 Revision A ExpressCard for Verizon. Aside from having an extremely long product name, this card will give you some fantastic speeds whether you use OS X or Windows. However, this card isn’t as cheap as we’d like it to be. You can nab it online for $110 with a 2-year contract from and word on the street is that Verizon may… Read More

  • Dell, Alienware Ship Systems With One Terabyte Drives

    Dell and Alienware are the first PC manufacturers to include an internal 1TB (that’s one terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes) hard drive as a build-to-order options on their systems. You’ll find this hulking hard drive on “select” XPS, Aurora and Area 51 boxes. Adding 1TB of space will cost you just a little bit, somewhere in the neighborhood of $540 (at least for the XPS setup). Read More

  • Commodore Gaming PCs Unveiled

    We told you about Commodore coming back to the gaming world last week and now we’ve got some specs for you. They were just announced at CeBIT and they’re hot. The first thing you’ll notice are the badass graphics that you can get for your machine that range from graffiti, photography, PC artwork and other licensed images. The Commodore’s come in four varieties for… Read More

  • Toshiba External USB 2.0 HD DVD Drive, Blu-ray Camp Jealous

    Seemingly out of nowhere, Toshiba has started shipping the PA3530U-1HD1, an external USB 2.0 HD DVD drive. It’s not even all that expensive, either, appearing on online stores like Newegg for $370. (Yes, the 360’s external HD DVD drive is only $200, but that pigeonholes you into watching high def movies on the 360. You have more of a choice of where to watch with this one.)… Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Entry #2: MacBook Hell

    Another entry in our Laptop Horror Stories contest. How is your white MacBook doing? Any more problems? Do you still like the white? so I thought I’d take the time to respond to Ben with an update on my MacBook experience. For those of you keeping score at home, I have not been too happy with my Core Duo MacBook. Before I state all of my MacBook problems I will say that this is an… Read More

  • Sony Mylo Hands On

    The Sony Mylo (MyLifeOnline) offers a great suite of tools in a very small and funky package. Sony’s latest personal communications device has all the right features for a sure fire hit, but it lacks in a few areas. The slider allows the QWERTY keyboard to remain hidden while not in use. The 2.4-inch screen is vibrant and takes care of visuals very nicely. The Mylo is being marketed… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Grass Mat Edition

    Magic Fingers Hold Your Gear Safely
    Blingplayer Lets You Show Off Your Inner Crunk
    Samsung Coming Out With Robot Gun To Protect Its South Korean Homeland
    Golden Tee: Home Version with Trackball!
    Laptop Horror Stories Contest Read More

  • Razer Brings Zune Docking to Suh-Wheat White Keyboard

    Although it looks like a pool toy, this is indeed a theoretical keyboard with a Zune dock. It’s also got two USB ports on the back to save you even more precious on-PC ports. It’s even in white to match your white Zune. No word on if this comes in black or Zunebrown, but we’re guessing no. Besides the Zune connection, this media keyboard has specialized keys for your media… Read More

  • 80s Cartoons Ruled!!!

    Peep this for a blast from the past. This video totally sums up my childhood. The only intro’s missing are Voltron, Thundercats and TMNT. Enjoy… you deserve it! Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Entry #1: Flame-On!

    The first entry in our Laptop Horror Stories contest. I had an RDI laptop for doing enterprise software demos at customer sites. The laptop was a SPARC Solaris workstation (only slightly smaller) that ran on 4 rechargeable D-cell batteries taped together (lasted 20 minutes on a charge if it was new). The system was the size of today’s big media-center laptops, so not fun to travel with. Read More

  • Draft-N Now Final-N, Nerd Democracy Works

    That draft-N/pre-N 802.11n WiFi router you just picked up is now one step closer to being all officialize, the current draft has passed the working group’s needed 75% margin of the vote with room to spare. That means that if you’ve been on the edge about upgrading to the latest, fastest, mostest rangiest WiFi standard because it’s not, like, standard, you need wait no… Read More

  • Hitachi and LG's GGW-H10N: First PC Drive That Reads Both Blu-ray and HD DVD

    Hitachi and LG join forces to bring us the GGW-H10N, the world’s first! PC drive that can read both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. (Who could forget the first player that could read both Blu-ray and HD DVD, the Super Mulit Blue Mega FunTime Happy Player that LG unveiled at CES in Janurary?) It can read and write CDs, single layer DVDs and Blu-ray discs, filling up an entire, single layer… Read More

  • Viacom's Lawsuit Against YouTube Has No Chance of Succeeding

    When Viacom announced that it was going to sue YouTube and Google, plenty of folks on the Web did that whole, “you’ll never beat YouTube, YouTube forever, etc” schtick. Turns out these silly geese may have a point. Read More

  • Subwoofer Chair Is Girls BFF

    In HS, one of my buddies decided to put an 18-inch subwoofer in the back of his Civic coupe. It was the most ridiculous thing ever, but damn it was cool to get such a big-ass sub in the trunk. Sitting in the backseat caused me to get nauseous whenever the stereo was turned up. It was very uncomfortable. I imagine the subwoofer chair has the complete opposite effect. My suspicions also lead me… Read More

  • Break Your Kid's Gaming Addiction

    If there is any one single country that understands addiction to the internet it’s South Korea. Every visit to SK ends up with me watching my cousin play WoW for a few hours in the PC방. We’ll get home to my aunt yelling at him for spending so much time playing video games. The addiction needs to stop, not only in SK, but everywhere around the world. Read More

  • Magic Fingers Hold Your Gear Safely

    Though it looks less like a dashboard gadget holder and more like a Japanese pervert’s honeymoon bed, the Dashboard Gadget Holder appears as if it will do what it’s supposed to, holding your gear within easy reach, yet keeping it from flying everywhere. As a guy who handles many gadgets at the same time while driving (iPod, Treo, Supermodel), I find the idea of letting these fingers… Read More

  • AppleTV Shipping (?)

    I’ve been hitting the Apple store every few days looking to see when my Apple TV is shipping. However, I never thought to check my credit card statement. A blogger checked his and saw that Apple charged his account for the AppleTV which, if the Apple store is to believed, means stuff is going out the door as we speak. It doesn’t look like its shipping according to my account screen… Read More

  • iStyles Privacy Screen

    This is filed under WTF for a good reason. Why would you want to spend $9.99 on this? I can understand wanting a privacy screen on your work PC or laptop, but your 5G iPod? The screen is only 2.5-inches! I suppose it’s an added bonus for being a screen protector. Alright, I’d probably get one because I hate people looking over my shoulder when watching stuff on my iPod. Product… Read More

  • MyStrands Mobile: Series 60 Community Music Player

    Hot on the tail of Slacker comes another social music service, MyStrands Mobile. This S60 application offers music discovery as well as music sharing and builds on a library of 6 million tracks. You and your friends can share your current playlists and collects your playback history on your own MyStrands page.
    Read the rest on MobileCrunch… Read More