AT&T Buys Dobson Communications

During the extravaganzafest known as the iPhone launch, we somehow overlooked this AT&T purchase. Seems AT&T is hell-bent on becoming an absolute telecom behemoth. Now with the purchase of Dob

iPhone Madness Decoded: It's All Very Freudian

Like many of you, I was reading lots of iPhone coverage over the weekend and I hoped for death. However, if you’d like to see the truth behind the coverage, feel free to use our Freudian Decoder

New Laptops From Toshiba

Toshiba really seems to have stepped up to the plate when it comes to notebooks on both ends of the market: ultra-portable and gaming. The Portege R500 is Toshiba’s newest addition to the mobile

Lindsay Lohan Has an iPhone

Your obsession has been justified. Hot, potentially drunk women like the iPhone. Please use this information to your advantage. [Thanks, Aric!] via Perez Hilton

Nokia N76 Review

It used to be that you could get Nokia phones in any color as long as it was dark blue. Now, however, Nokia has decided to add a little color to their staid line-up with the N76, an odd little clamshe

Great Outdoors: Water Sports Gear For Geeks

Summer is finally here and you know what that means don’t you? What do you mean you don’t know? Don’t you think about going to the beach on a hot summer day or wakeboarding on the river or even

The Great Outdoors: A Bright, Scary Place

It’s been three days since iDay and it’s time we all got some sun. Whether you’re ensconced in soggy, hyper-humid climes or settled comfortably in a Global Warming heat wave, we enco

CrunchGear Week in Review: Whodunnit Edition

Weiner Dog Accent Lamp MizPee: What It Sounds Like iRiver Mplayer: The Mickey Mouse DAP Baja Motorsports 70cc Dirt Bike Review Parrot PARTY Portable Boom Box: Cue “Ain’t No Party” Jokes

HD DVD Makes Big Moves

Toshiba is certainly making big moves to ensure that the next-gen DVD war is far from over. I’ve been curious about the built-in internet connections on HD DVD players and now the answer is so c

Breaking: UMG Will Not Renew iTunes Contract

Not much info on these HOT SCOOPS, but Matt Drudge is reporting that Universal Music Group will not be renewing its iTunes contract with Apple. This means that the iTunes Music Store is going to lose

Bloops! First Anti-iPhone Rants Rolling In

After months of hype and our own iPhone Love Parade AKA last Friday night, the first iPhonian complaints are starting to hit our tips box. First up, Mike: Hello and good afternoon, I just thought you

AT&T Hangs Up on Business Customers

Reader Jaci writes: I have eagerly awaited the release of the iphone. Read every article, watched the tv spots…waited with great anticipation for the new gadget that was going to be the most revolut

iPhone Gets Put Through The Wringer

Many of you, myself included, probably thought the iPhone wasn’t up to the challenge of daily use and abuse. The glass screen just screams scratches galore, right? PC World put their iPhone to a

Daily Crunch: iPhone Thump Edition

Get a Free iPhone Condom if You Have an iPhone iPhone Accessories Aren’t Nearly as Exciting as the iPhone-Proper iPhone Madness Hits San Francisco: Clowns! Steven Levy Is Asked “What’s the Frequ

EXCLUSIVE: Transformers Footage from Last Night's Screening

An anonymous tipster has given CrunchGear exclusive leaked footage of Transformers. We’re not sure where he/she/it got the footage, but it’s plain as day. This is the real deal. The length

They Have iPhones In Seattle, Too?

There’s no raining on iDay! No raining! A high-end product launch just isn’t a high-end product launch without getting the point of view of the man-on-the-street. So I’m doing just t

Your Very Own iPhone For Only A Penny

There you have it. You too can have your very own 8GB iPhone for only one single penny. Gah! This isn’t over. Not by a long shot. Apple iPhone AT&T Brand New In Hand 8gb 8 gb i Phone NR [eBa

iPhone Already on Craigslist: $1,500 for the 8GB Version

It’s barely even been an hour since the iPhone officially launched but Apple’s wunderphone is already on Craigslist . Some dude in New Hyde Park wants $1,500 for an 8GB version while someo

Yep, The iPhone Sure Is Purtty…And, Oh, That's What That Slot Is For!

Not that you people haven’t found a number of other hands-on videos of the iPhone by now, but here’s one more to add to your collection.

iTunes 7.3 with iPhone Support Out Now

Hit that software update button, pal, and get a fresh, clean iPhone-ready version of iTunes. yay! And a surprise after the jump.
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