Video: YouTube on iPhone, Now in Technicolor

YouTube on my cellphone? If that’s not revolutionary I don’t know what is. Apple, in an effort to compel every man, woman and child on Earth to want an iPhone, has released another TV comm

Creative TravelSound Zen Stone Mini Speakers: Call Me Crazy, But Speakers Should Be Big

Jeez, in all the excitement of talking about the Creative Zen Stone Plus DAP, I completely missed that Creative also has a new mini speaker set for the player. The TravelSound Zen Stone clips on top o

Interview With Michael Megalli, Branding Expert for Group 1066 on AT&T, Cingular, and the iPhone – LIVE! We’re talking to Michael Megalli, branding expert for Group 1066 on the trials and tribulations going on at AT&T during their Cingular transiti

Sling Releases SlingPlayer Mobile For WM6

Just a quick heads up to anyone with a new HTC Touch perhaps and a Slingbox. Sling Media released a new Windows Mobile 6 version of the popular SlingPlayer. You can now watch your favorite local TV wh

Writers Write "B-Logs," Get Money

USA Today, that bastion of hard news, is covering a new fad popular with the kids called “B-logging.” They talk about two “b-loggers,” Om Malley and Mike Orvington, who used to

Slate to World: You're a Bunch of iPhone Dupes

Apple will offer one-on-one iPhone briefings to qualified, preregistered journalists. “No drop of milk oozes from the Apple teat without a crowd of journalists gathering to swallowing it up.&#82

Sony in "Recovery Mode," Rebooting Finances

Oyez oyez. The honorable Sir Howard Stringer Esq. Adm. 1st Class III Deceased is now placing Sony into a financial recovery mode, an effort to nip all this PS3 nastiness in the bud. Sony was depending

Get A Blackberry Curve For $49 Without Hassle

If you’re in the market for a new phone and the Blackberry Curve has caught your eye, don’t go walking into an AT&T store just yet. Amazon is offering the device for a cheap-as-hell $4

T-Mobile @ Home Launching Next Week

A little bird is talking about T-Mobile @ Home, something that should change the way we think about WiFi on cellphones. Apparently T-Mo employees can now get Hotspot @ Home apparel so they can be read

The Futurist: How The iPhone Will Change Mobile Devices

I’ve spent the past few weeks as the resident naysayer of the infallibility of the iPhone. And while there’s certainly a lot to be skeptical about here, there are a lot of things about the

Fortier & Co. Makes Stylin' Body Armor

Those of our readers who are aspiring rap artists should pay close attention. Frontier & Co. works with big name clothing designers like Burberry, YSL, Kenneth Cole, etc. to design body armor that

Linux Parking Sign For Fat Geeks

Are you a dork? A geek, loser, outcast? Then we have just the sign for you! Instead of putting up, say, a Tom Brady poster on the door of your room, you can now put up a Linux parking sign. Yes, that

Spore Not Delayed, Still On Track for Spring 2008

It was all just a big misunderstanding, that’s all. Yesterday’s news suggesting that Will Wright’s Spore had been axed was the product of “misinformation.” An EA rep phon

Pleo Now Available For US Pre-order

Everyone’s favorite animatronic dinosaur is now one step closer to invading our shores. Pleo’s manufacturer UGOBE is taking pre-orders for the dinosaur and the price isn’t cheap. Aft

The Pirate Bay Launches Image Hosting

Us pirates know that The Pirate Bay team has been working on several new projects, with one of them becoming a competitor to YouTube. For now though, we’ve been blessed with BayImg, a unique ima

Creative Zen Stone Plus: 2GB iPod Shuffle Wannabe

Good for Creative, coming out an update to its Zen Stone DAP not even two months after its initial announcement. The update, which adds a small OLED screen and doubles the storage capacity to 2GB, has

VeohTV Promises a Different TV Experience Online

Joost may be getting a lot of attention lately, but it’s surely not the only new player in the TV-on-the-web game. Veoh claims that, while Joost embraces the old-school channel style of cable TV

Daily Crunch: Kong Edition

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters When Godzilla Needs A Margarita… Blackberry: Fin! All The Super Mario 64 Death You Can Handle Pimp My Guitar Case

Blue Raven MediaMate 7000 (7-inch PMP) Review

Portable digital video recorders are becoming an essential item in any traveling video geek’s arsenal. But Archos and Cowon aren’t the only companies pimping PMPs that help you pirate time

iPhone Dock Still Has Headset Charging Port

Sources in possession of preproduction iPhones have confirmed a feature rumored earlier this year – the iPhone’s dock will include a port to charge Apple’s upcoming Bluetooth headset
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