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  • Apple Q2 Earnings Report: The Aftermath

    We don’t cover earnings reports that much simply because the news sequestered therein is usually geared more towards the folks who get paid $100K to cover earnings reports, a stalwart band to which we do not belong. That said, here goes: Apple sold 1,517,000 computers (36 percent more than last year’s Q2) and 10,549,000 iPods this quarter (24 percent growth). They saw revenue of… Read More

  • Sony to Release ATRAC-, Bloatware-free Walkman

    What’s more surprising? That Sony is releasing a drag-and-drop Walkman, the B100, that doesn’t use a music loading app and won’t support ATRAC or that there’s a site dedicated to ATRAC news? I’m going with the latter. The Walkman comes in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB versions and should be available next month, probably only in Japan. Do we care? Not specifically, but… Read More

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Keeps It Real

    For the past 9,837,438,643 Call of Duty games, the setting and time-period has always been World War II. The latest installment from the popular franchise will now set players in a modern day warzone. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is now being developed by Infinity Ward, the team behind Call of Duty and its sequel, Call of Duty 2. Excited? Then be sure to watch the NFL Draft on ESPN. During… Read More

  • TEAC HiFi: Bone Conduction Style

    I’ve grown very fond of my hearing in the last few years and that’s a sad thing to say at my age. I often find myself saying, “huh”, more than I like to. After having my Able Planets my ears can’t handle normal headphones anymore. So, the Teac Filltune Bone Conduction headphones are pretty bangin’ and I’d like to give these a whirl. These high-end… Read More

  • Fixya: Fixya Junk

    How do we get tech support? Well, you can RTFM or call the help-line. That usually results in a 25% chance of fixing the problem. Then you can do a search, find a forum mentioning your problem, post (“HEY GUYZ MY IPOD BROKED SCREEN WHATTF? HELP!!!!”) or pay a fee at Experts Exchange, a site that seems to have an answer to every question but is so hard to navigate that you… Read More

  • Sony Unveils PS3 Eye, World Keeps Spinning

    Sony brought out the next generation Playstation Eye webcam and it sure looks pretty…pretty lame. OK, it’s not really lame, but it has a weird design. I know the microphone is said to be heavily improved over its predecessor, but wouldn’t it look better if it were below the camera? I suppose the adaptability to specifically pick up on voices to filter out background noises for… Read More

  • Reminder: Sansa Connect Reader Response Contest

    Just a reminder: We’re also giving away two little devices that many of you are eager to get your greasy paws on: the Sansa Connect from SanDisk. Make the jump for full details: Read More

  • My Lap! My Lap! My Lap Is On Fire!

    Strike up a match, light the candles, and welcome another member to the exploding laptop club. After an Acer laptop exploded in someone’s lap recently the company decided to make the move to recall 27,000 laptops due to overheating batteries that were made by — get this — Sony. Hmmm, between Dell, Sony, and now Acer’s exploding laptops, maybe using Sony-made laptop… Read More

  • Hitatchi Now Shipping 1TB Hard Drive

    Need lots of storage on the cheap for all your porn and pirated movies data? Be sure to inspect Hitatchi’s new Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive. Boasting an incredible 1000GB of storage, put two of these in your desktop and you seriously have no reason to complain about storage shortages ever again. The most amazing aspect of this drive? The price! Your dreams of owning a terabyte are only… Read More

  • The Futurist: What's Next In Cellphones, Apple and RIM Edition

    Cell phones — everybody’s got them. Even your 12-year-old nephew whose parents keep tabs on him via the inboard GPS carries a RAZR. So what’s next in this omnipresent device? In this week’s column, we take a look at what the future of the iPhone, and what we can learn about Apple’s upcoming Macbooks by looking at it, as well as why we can expect to see the… Read More

  • Jobs: iTMS Subscription Service Probably Not Going To Happen

    When Jobs speaks about music, rest assured, his crowd is awaiting and listening with open ears. Recently, the Apple CEO said that the iTunes Music Store is “unlikely” to get a subscription-based service. From an interview with Reuters: Never say never, but customers don’t seem to be interested in it,” Jobs told Reuters. “The subscription model has failed so… Read More

  • Fring: Mobile VoIP is Fringin' Awesome

    No, Fring isn’t some sort of new fangled slang all the rap kids are saying. Fring, dear readers, is a mobile VoIP application for mobile phones that utilize your mobile internet connection. So if you have an unlimited data plan then you can really take advantage of this application and lower your mobile phone bill every month. Read More

  • Take The Grill on the Road

    I’m a barbecue geek. For me, there’s nothing better than cooking my own ginormous slabs of meat over a grill. And I do it in geek fashion, I don’t read any pesky recipes, I just figure it out as I go. I’ve also been known to hack a grill or two into top efficiency, as well as MacGuyver grills out of spare parts. The briefcase BBQ grill is tempting, though. Transforming… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tagger Edition

    Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office
    AKG K 701 Hands On: Sickest Headphones Ever
    Transformers: Robots in Your Shoes
    Your Mom Wants a Pink Zune
    1GB Bottle Opener Read More

  • Ballmer on Zune Phone, Moon Landing: Poppycock!

    , we told you Microsoft was working on some sort of phonish, Zunish system or device that would play music and maybe let us watch a little CSS dancing around — they’re SO cute — on our phones. Well, Steve Ballmer just confirmed that it won’t be an actual device. Instead, it will be a piece of software. But as long as he’s throwing the possibilities out there, he… Read More

  • Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office

    Our current president is an unpopular president, there is little debating there. Because of this situation, some geniuses have put together these little digital keychains that countdown the days until a new president is sworn in. It’s not for everyone, but we know some of you are rubbing your hands with glee. While hatred for the Commander-In-Chief is at an all time high, you must be… Read More

  • 1GB Bottle Opener

    Summer’s coming. That means outdoor beer drinking. I, however, have limited pocketspace in my pants. Thus, I’m all about convergence. When someone comes out with a USB flash drive into a bottle opener, I will be a happy man. Oh, hey, look, I’m suddenly happy. The Popdrive is just what I need: a combo 1GB USB thumbdrive and a bottle opener. When one of your enterprising… Read More

  • GrandCentral Mobile Goes Live, But Don't Tell Anyone

    I’m not supposed to tell you about this because it’s still pretty hush, hush, but I love you guys so I’ll let this one slip. The mobile version of GrandCentral has been quietly released. Take it for a spin from your mobile phone, but don’t expect it to work from your computer. It hasn’t officially been announced, yet. So, what’s so special about the… Read More

  • Multi-Purpose 16th Century Gadget Watch

    Regular readers of CrunchGear will know that I’m all about convergence, the idea that one device can really be more. It was a major theme at the end of the 90s, the idea being that we’d watch TV on our computers and visa versa, something we’re just now beginning to explore. Currently, we’re seeing lots of gadgets that have sub uses. But it’s not new. Indeed… Read More

  • Need Accessories For Your iPhone? Boxwave Has You Covered!

    The iPhone is still months away from launching, but that doesn’t mean accessory companies will be waiting till then to cash in on the buzz. One such company is Boxwave and boy do they have a slew of products ready to go. Now you just need to work on getting your mitts on an iPhone when it launches…good luck with that. The list of items is very comprehensive and includes screen… Read More