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  • Stanford Conducts Internet Research

    Stanford University recently conducted a research study to see what people do on the Internet. According to their website with a 1996-based layout, E-mail still reigns king as the most popular activity with 90% of users sending e-mails. And get this: Chat rooms are for the young and anonymous, as if you didn’t already know tons of pervs chill in them all day long. Stanford also describes… Read More

  • Sony's OLED TV Available This Year

    Sony will roll out its fancy OLED TV this year, producing as many as 1,000 units per month. The first models will be 11 inches wide and 0.12 inches thick and will be within “a few times” the price of current flat panels. The future may be grand, but it sure seems like it’ll be expensive. If Sony does in fact release the OLED TV this year, it’ll become the first… Read More

  • Samsung SCH-i760 Gets FCC Approval

    Those of you with Verizon should stop, take a moment, and gander at the next phone you might be getting: the Samsung SCH-i760. With a design that looks like an HTC phone had sex with a Blackjack and features like Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, WiFi, and a touchscreen, most of you will be happy that a decent phone is coming your way. The i760 will also run Windows Mobile 6.0 and will… Read More

  • Apple Has Two New Ads Two new ads have surfaced from Apple’s “I’m a Mac — and I’m a PC” campaign. The flashback ad above actually isn’t terrible. Not the best, but not the worst (the one below) either. Read More

  • Dude Says Apple Really Considering Subscription iTunes

    Another day, and as always, another Apple rumor. This time it involves the iTunes Music Store and Apple opening up a subscription-based service. If Les Ottolenghi, CEO of Intent Media Works or something, has his way, he believes Apple is literally “on the verge” of announcing a subscription service for iTunes. This guy means business too. He’s serious! “I think Apple… Read More

  • Alesis iMultiMix 8 USB Records Right To iPod

    Home recording certainly has come a long way. From old tape-based machines to hard disk to CD to SD cards, I thought the industry had run out of storage methods. Then in comes Alesis with its iMultiMix 8 USB Pro iPod Recorder. Basically, it’s just a nice-looking 8-track that will record to your iPod’s hard drive. You can also integrate music from your iPod into one of your… Read More

  • USB Tape Dispenser: Just What it Sounds Like

    I sit at a desk. I am a messy guy. I, like many of you, require more USB ports than I currently have. When I find something that solves many problems at one time, I get happy. This tape dispenser has a built-in USB hub, and it belongs on my desk. I can never find my tape, you see, but if it were tethered to my G5 and my mouse, I would know right where to find it. That is important to us slobs. Read More

  • Palm Starts Blogging, Future Looking Bright

    For the last couple weeks Palm has really been aggressive at getting its message across. Well, not sure if “aggressive” is the word, maybe “proactive” is more appropriate, as we’ve seen leaks of a new CDMA 3G smartphone, an annoucement regarding a new platform, and now a blog. We’re guessing the blog is an attempt by the Treo maker to keep itself on the… Read More

  • Sansa Connect by SanDisk

    The Sansa Connect is the newest MP3 player to appear on the SanDisk roster of DAPs. The device stirred quite a bit of clamor at this year’s CES due to its innovative use of WiFi and affordable pricing.It’s been three full months since the device was first announced, but I now have one in my possession and have had an opportunity to test it out amply. So was it worth the wait? Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week

    Trade show season is over — finally — and the CG team is deeply ensconced in their respective basements, clattering away at the news. This week we review the Sansa Connect, spill the beans on the SK ID, and discover that Apple may be considering a subscription service. We’re also giving away a Skype phone kit — there are still two left, so head on over. Don’t need… Read More

  • PS3 Makes Horrible, Awful Noise When Playing Games?

    Users are complaining that a number of PS3s are making an annoying, high pitched noise while playing games. They’ve narrowed down the problematic PS3s to those with serial numbers CE133212XXX or CE133190XXX. (Remember how the PSone always overheated during extended gaming sessions, or the “dirty disc error” that the PS2 throws at you all the time? I see a pattern of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Toothbrush Escapade Edition

    Ultreo Super Toothbrush
    Picard’s Solar Bag Charges Your Junk (So You Don’t Have To?)
    Jack In The Box – Because You Love To Pirate
    Build Your Own Simon
    Lego’s Solar-Powered Helicopter Teaches Kids About Energy Conservation Read More

  • Korean Man Retaliates Poor Cell Service

    Disenchanted with his cellular service, a Korean man decided to take an interesting and unconventional approach to retribution. After trying unsuccessfully to get SK Telecom to fix his device he decided to drive over to SK offices. The problem is, when he got there, he just kept driving — right through the front of the building. Actually, that’s not entirely true. First he parked… Read More

  • RIP Kurt Vonnegut

    Sad news this evening. Literary icon Kurt Vonnegut has died due to head trauma resulting from a fall a few weeks ago. He was the author of 14 novels including Slaughter House 5, Breakfast of Champions and Cat’s Cradle. He was 84. Kurt Vonnegut, Novelist Who Caught the Imagination of His Age, Is Dead [NY Times] Read More

  • Sony's $20 Million Ad Campaign

    Sony has launched an new ad campaign for its electronics that is quite a good deal more transparent than its much criticized PS3 ads. I actually kind of like it and not just because I like to see grown men bathing in sinks (but honestly, who doesn’t?). Brian Lam over at the Gizzer has noted an interesting correlation between this ad and a spoof video by the Pogue about a Sony AV… Read More

  • Ultreo Super Toothbrush

    Ultreo has launched what it claims to be the first major technological innovation in electric toothbrushing since the release Sonicare 15 years ago. Using a combination of “waveguide technology and sonic bristle action” the Ultreo can remove hard-to-reach plaque that bristles alone tend to miss. Read More

  • RhinoSkin Apple MacBook Hardcase: Likes, Dislikes, & the Wha?

    with free shipping and volume discounts should you need more than two. A typical soft-sided laptop case is not ideal for keeping your 13-inch MacBook free from dings and scratches in the great outdoors. The tough ABS plastic RhinoSkin used for the case’s body is, though. Plus, there’s cushy neoprene padding inside to prevent scratches and keep the notebook from shifting inside… Read More

  • SimpleTech 500GB External Hard Drive Hands On

    Good hard drives come in all shapes and sizes, from the practical, boxy models popular with IT folks to the fancy-pants portable units that artistes and poets use to store their highfalutin’ work. The SimpleTech 500GB is an amalgam of those two: small and unobtrusive enough to be ignored but with styling that screams “I take part in Critical Mass rides and might go to Burning Man… Read More

  • Official PlayStation Magazine UK Will Pack Blu-ray Discs in Upcoming Issues

    Readers of the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine can now look forward to getting a shiny Blu-ray disc with every issue. From now on the Sony-blessed mag will include a Blu-ray disc that has first- and third-party demos and lots and lots of other multimedia “content,” possibly including the user-generated kind. I guess this is just another feather in the cap of PS3 supporters. Read More

  • Mio C220 In-Car GPS Receiver: Everyman Cheap

    Mio’s got a low cost, entry level GPS receiver with your name on it. It’s the C220 and has a 3.5-inch LCD and doles out turn-by-turn directions (in English, Spanish or French) thanks to its SiRFstarIII receiver. Supposedly this receiver is the best one out there, so, theoretically, you shouldn’t run into the same GPS problems that I did trying to get a signal in the canyons… Read More