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  • Live from Philips Research Labs: ShapeWays: 3D printing for everyone

    3D printing has been around for a while, and has traditionally been used to create small prototypes of larger products (or parts of products).  The folks at ShapeWays are bringing 3D printing to you, and you don’t even need to know how to use 3D modeling software. From the ShapeWays website you can use the Creator tool to design and personalize a few stock items, like the LightPoem… Read More

  • Live from Philps Research Labs: Shop Lab

    The ShopLab at the Philips research center is a prototype retail store room used to test lighting technology to improve the sales experience for both the establishment and the customer. First up is the Show Window, a series of projectors displaying on the exterior showcase
    windows. These projectors show a rotating collection of images on the glass, behind which sits the showcase products. … Read More

  • Live from Philps Research Labs: Home Lab

    Our roving cub reporter Scott Merrill is live in Amsterdam at the Philips Research labs. His first report is on the HomeLab. The HomeLab at the Philips research center is a model home built to test and monitor real-world response to prototype technology. Thirty cameras and microphones record subjects as they use and interact with products for the home; then researches review the recordings… Read More